Puppy socialization diary: day 3

This was the day of FAIL.

Well, we did meet two people from the apartment building (people she’s never met before) but other than that our carefully laid plans were abandoned. It’s so hot out there that she starts panting and is miserable in seconds, and I am not bringing her inside stores until she’s had another immunization. I also have two sick-ish kids and a sick-ish husband – those nasty “it’s so hot that you get sick” colds.

You need an update, though, right? Because I gotta tell you, this puppy is TEH CUTE. She’s actually been fantastic as she comes more and more into her personality. She found her voice today and barked at lots and lots of dangerous things, including rubber balls and Bronte’s left hind foot. She’s running and jumping and playing and (be still my heart!) tugging like crazy. She continues to be a puppy who impresses with her happy, calm, “thinking” personality.

I have access to four training centers that I’m comfortable with, and NONE have puppy K classes until mid-September. There’s a drop-in class at a center about an hour away and I’m trying to figure out if I can do it.

Onward to tomorrow!

PS: Am (finally) registering domain names. Blacksheepcardigans.com is open (and will be nabbed by me) but rufflyspeaking.com is gone. Should I register ruffly-speaking.com? Rufflyspeaking.net? Rufflyspeaking.org?

5 thoughts on “Puppy socialization diary: day 3

  1. OOhhh, do I envy your pack! I’m sure this is the wrong ‘place’ to ask this as I am new to blogs. As in this is the first one I’ve kept up with. I followed you from that website that dares not speak it’s name;).
    I saw your post about fencing and think it might be the answer to my dog/kiddo containment dilema so if you don’t mind me crashing in with a few questions….
    ~How do you add gates? As cheaply as possible?
    ~Do you think the panels would stand up to a looong dog who can jump/ climb? She’s 75 lbs and about 34″ at the shoulder, all leg. She will stay in a regular chainlink on playdates but it seems to be on a voluntary basis!
    Thank you so much and congrats on the new puppy!

  2. The sheep panels, you mean? We do love them. And THANK YOU for commenting.

    – We have either bought gates (Home Depot sells chain link gates) or built them by digging in wooden posts and putting in a wooden gate. We’ve been using panels for ten years now, in four homes, and we’ve done whatever we could afford and install.
    – No fence will keep in a jumper/climber. You need to use a hot wire (electrified wire or tape) around the top of the fence. I wish I could be more positive, but we’ve lived with jumpers and diggers and NOTHING worked. We finally figured out to install a hotwire and all of a sudden no diggers and no jumpers. I don’t think any dog has ever hit the wire more than once or twice and then they sproing up and down excitedly a foot back from the fence. The corgis are not jumpers, but they are diggers. So far we’ve managed by laying two feet of wire along the ground perpendicular to the fence and attached to its bottom, but I am not sure that technique would hold in a really dedicated dog.

  3. I just did a whois lookup on rufflyspeaking.com as it is not being used. It was created on May 7, 2007 by a Leslie Gallo of Indiana. I have more info, but don’t want to publish it on your blog. You might check and see about acquiring it.

  4. I’d go with the .net as well. We use a .net for Heroine Content and it’s not an issue at all.

    I’m loving the puppy socialization series. It’s going to serve as a great resource for folks with their first puppy.

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