I’d love to have some feedback on topics to highlight–if you have a specific question or idea you want me to beat you to the ground with gently and sensitively explore, put it in a comment right here (in other words, as a comment on this post).


14 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. Could you talk about how to find a good trainer and/or behaviorist?

    It seems that everyone who’s watched a few episodes of “The Dog Whisperer” or “It’s Me or the Dog” is now an expert on training. It would be nice to have a list of criteria to look for/avoid.


    ~Julia (from MDC)

  2. My basset always smells yeasty. And seems like he has a lot of overgrowth in his ears (typical) and between his toes. The vet gave me Remicin, which helps but doesn’t make it stop coming back. I wash his ears once a month, doesn’t help for long.

    Help! I was feeding raw…but lost my supplier and there isn’t another around here. Right now I’m feeding Blue Buffalo or some such.

  3. I just posted this on MDC, but maybe you’ll see it faster here? I need a tutorial on having a lot of pets in a small space short term. We’re taking in Ike evacuee animals and I’m a bit nervous.

  4. Joanna, what kind of bones can I give Bodhi for a treat (19mos English Mastiff, fed Canidae ALS and Welness CORE so not accustomed to raw) that will not cause diarrhea from hell? Even 15-30 min w/knuckle bones causes more havoc in the crate if I can’t let him out in time than I care to even remember. I need something big AND dense enough to last longer than 37 seconds before it’s consumed, kwim? TIA 🙂


  5. Hey there. Your site is the only site I could find that mentioned the dosage of selamectin (others just give a disclaimer about Revolution medicine). You wrote that you need about 10 times as much medicine to kill intestinal parasites as you need to cure them. I have had a few unproductive vet experiences… so I am looking for some other help. So, here’s my situation:

    I recently administered topical selamectin to my two cats. One cat, Simone, has had serious parasitic issues (once throwing up a fairly large roundworm). She had a serious brush with liver failure (cause still sort of unknown), so we waited to do a heavy-duty treatment of parasites. I used some herbal things in food for a while after the threat of hurting her seemed to have faded, and just sort of hoped they had been taken care of.

    Enter 2nd cat- friend’s lifelong indoor cat. Lives with us harmoniously for a while, begins dragging itchy butt on carpet… shows a few signs of parasites…

    We called the vet and asked for the best broad spectrum dewormer- didn’t want to try herbs again. The cats were prescribed topical selamectin. We dose them both with a ‘one month’ application. Only immediate side effects are a little drowsiness – that sort of thing. But then their poop started to smell unbelievably bad. Stinking up our whole flat. And this has continued for a week. Also, the butt dragging has returned.

    How long do you think it would take for selamectin to work in a small animal like a cat?
    Did we give them enough to kill roundworms?
    Any ways to know if it’s working?

    And lastly, do you know about what to do for the humans who have been living with the infected cats?

  6. You need Categories on your blog! You have such great stuff, people should be able to find what they need (Shelter Dog, For Breeders, Adopting a Dog?, Gratuitous Child Photos, Dog Behavior, etc.)

  7. Hello. I just needed to say thanks so much for the very informative blog. I have learned so much! I volunteer a lot at our local humane society and have often found myself quoting your “how to kill a shelter dog” information. Thanks to you, I now know what to say when someone says to me “why does it matter what kind of breeder I buy from? A dog’s a dog.”
    Thanks Again!

  8. Does this pup have mange?

    A friend of ours called yesterday,some kids in his youth group found a pup and couldn’t find an owner,so they were trying to find a home for it.Knowing the town they found it in,I took it..it would have ended up who knows where.It has some scabs and patches of fur missing.He doesn’t seem uncomfortable or itchy,but he’s pretty skinny.Advice??

  9. Hey there. I was wondering how Brummit was doing? His sister Gizmo and brother Clark are doing very well. Little stinkers both 🙂

  10. I totally thought of you when I saw this. I love perusing Time’s photos sometimes when I’m looking for inspiration. I wish I could find the story behind it because it looks, um… iffy as it is.

    • Any thoughts on neutering and increased incidence of hemangiosarcoma, as well as the incidence of hemangiosarcome in Cardis, in general?

  11. I agreed to be your friend on facebook but dont count on much – it’s too confusing and I already spend too much time on this machine! But thanks. Have a visiting 10 wk Whippet girl here for socializing – very sweet, submissive but OK. Went to Puppy K last night – a Golden and a Pembroke attended. Both cute and OK but the Corgi boy quite bitey. What do you do about that, what do you advise in such a short time as a brief class, or maybe yours are not bitey!!!. Of course Puppy K is intoxicating to the babies…. I could say more about this on our personal E mails…..
    So are you going to have the house warmimg of the century??
    Do you have a move in date yet? Can’t happen too soon. You all are sure entitled to some smooth times!!!

    • I think all corgi puppies are bitey – at least the good ones! I honestly worry about one that doesn’t try to drag everything around by its teeth (including your hands!). Most of them are incredibly motivated by moving objects, because the biting is part of the herding instinct, so controlling it means learning to stop whatever movement you’re making that’s turning it on in their brain and then consistently disciplining/offering alternatives. Most people don’t STOP first, which means that they punish while continuing to do whatever the puppy was reacting to. For example, continuing to walk, or continuing to move their hands around, or whatever. Won’t work and it completely frustrates the puppy.

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