Puppy socialization diary day 4: Boys!

Girls and boys are not the same.

It’s something we all know, but before a good trainer said it to me directly, I didn’t apply it to dogs. But it’s totally true. Dogs can’t generalize; being raised with girls is not at all the same as being raised with boys. So even though I am routinely overflowing with little girls of various ages, I need to go find boys, especially of the two ages that are perceived as sort of weird and dangerous by dogs (toddlers and teenagers) to make sure that Friday isn’t nervous about them.

No pics from the episode, because I didn’t feel like bringing a good camera to a giant boy-created mudhole, but she got to play for a couple of hours with two boys who are absolutely chock-full of snips and snails. She did GREAT, perfectly behaved.


This picture is brought to you by the letter “F,” for FOOT. Hers are very nom nom nom.

She’s coming more and more into her personality and she is crazy, great, funny, wonderful sense of humor. She is BAD, which I love. She’s glorious with the kids, herds me like a nutball (and totally understands trying to turn me by grabbing my ankles from the front), tugs on everything, barks at the big dogs and then ping-pong-balls away in glee. We worked on leash training today, which was an adventure (she’s perfect as long as we go the way SHE wants to go) and her ears are trying to levitate upward.

I am working on a permanent blog location/website address, so forgive the short post. I am hoping to “go live” next week sometime.


3 thoughts on “Puppy socialization diary day 4: Boys!

  1. Eek! Tons of little boys! Weird and dangerous, indeed!

    I always like the bad puppies the best too. (In fact, Elli’s litter name was “Bad One”) They’re usually the smart ones, have the most personality, and are both fun and challenging to train. You’ll have a blast with little Friday.

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