Getting to know…

More pics, I promise, as I take them. Right now we’re trying to clean up and get kids in bed.

She’s a very nice “in-your-pocket” puppy. Walks when you walk; when you stop she circles your feet two or three times and ends up in heel position (really quite funny!). She’s calm – at least today! – and confident with very little noise or fuss. She was badass enough to bite at Clue when Clue got too pushy, but is appropriate with the big dogs otherwise. ADORES the kids.

Conformation-wise I’m very pleased. I’ll stack her up and take pics tomorrow if I can. She has a really gorgeous rear, tons of angle and a cute short hock. Her shoulder is where it’s supposed to be. She’s got a lot A LOT of bone and is fuzzy as heck (she’s not a fluff but is definitely going to have a lot of “fancy” in her coat). So I have to dig through her coat to find landmarks, but once I’m in there I’m happy. She’s got a different face than my other two did; I don’t know what she’s going to look like.

She’s lying at my feet, on her back, tugging at my skirt, which I LOVE. Ballsy puppies are the quickest way to my heart.


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