Deja vu all over again

As has been the case with the other puppies we’ve gotten from Betty Ann, this one arrived






And sad.

These were taken about 30 minutes ago, in a Trader Joe’s parking lot outside the city. The trip in was AWFUL; it usually takes 45 minutes, we left ourselves an hour, and it ended up taking almost two. I-93 was a parking lot from three towns north of the city all the way to the airport. I spent more time in tunnels than I ever want to again.

So we were late picking her up and by the time we got her she had been in that crate for six hours. Poor baby. As soon as her feet touched grass, though, she walked over, saw Tabitha, and said “Well, heck, there she is.” She could care less about me right now; she just wants Tabitha. We’ll see how long that lasts once she realizes that mine are The Hands That Hold Out Meat. She’s a happy, waggy, happy, did I mention happy puppy.

And! Her name is Friday. Everyone was right – that’s what she looks like.


9 thoughts on “Deja vu all over again

  1. Oh, cute cute cute!!! I love the “frolicking” picture. Adorable, and with attitude to spare. She’s going to be so much fun.

    I think the puppy fever just hit the critical, go-into-convulsions, foam at the mouth stage.

    • I know – if you couldn’t tell, before I got her we were pretty deep into the illness :). So far she’s really fun!

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