Name feedback

First of all, you guys come up with some GREAT names.

Here are the “Other” suggestions:


Orange You Bad…call name Squirt

South Sea, call name Bali

Black Label (call name Whiskey)

South China Sea (call name- China)

Bittersweet Symphony “Sweetie”

Smoke on the Water, call name Geneva (or, then. Neve/Niamh)

South Sea (call name Poly)

Trouble the Water (call name Maya)


I absolutely LOVE Orange You Bad and I am totally going to use that someday. The Sea/Water ones are awesome too. And I’ve been singing Bittersweet Symphony ever since I read that suggestion.

Looks like the frontrunners are Summer of Love (Paisley), Friday I’m in Love (Friday) and Short Skirt Long Jacket (call name TBA). I too have a weakness for food/alcohol names, but as a Baptist pastor’s kid I can’t use Whiskey :). Somehow I’d feel sinful every time I called her name!

I’m leaning toward one or two but I’ll let you know what she looks like when she gets here. Many pictures to come!


7 thoughts on “Name feedback

  1. It works for me, but I am using Safari on a widescreen monitor. Let me fiddle with it and see if I can make it work more universally. WordPress is also having major hiccups, so that could be part of it.

  2. re: Orange you Bad – I always just remember “be careful what you name a puppy – it may come true!!”

    I like Paisley and Summer of Love, Personally šŸ™‚

  3. I love the name “Paisley” but it seems like a merle type of name. So far, I am liking the 2 options that you list:

    Friday Iā€™m in Love (Friday)
    and Short Skirt Long Jacket (call name TBA)

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