Name Joanna’s puppy! Win valuable prize!

All these are after the kennel name, of course. I am guessing the kennel name will be Pecan Valley, but the mom is Sunkissed Nothing But Trouble so Sunkissed could be in there as well or in place of Pecan Valley.

If you come up with a different one that I end up using, OR if you come up with a call name I end up using, I will send you a small token of my appreciation. It may or may not be a bottle of puppy breath. No promises.

21 thoughts on “Name Joanna’s puppy! Win valuable prize!

  1. I’m partial to food or alcohol names for animals, so I voted Pepper. Maybe when I’ve had some sleep I’ll think of a cool alcohol name for your puppy…

    • I voted again now that I’ve thought about it more, sorry. This time I voted for the South Sea option, thinking that since she’s being purchased in lieu of your black pearls, that for *your* dog it’d be more appropriate to use a name that alludes to that. You could use the island names Fiji or Tonga (fun for the kids to say), or how about the scientific names for the oysters that produce the black pearls? Pinctada Maxima (call names: Pinky, Maxie) or Pinctada Margaritifera (call name: Maggie, Margie).

      MY dog would still be named after a food or spirit, cos that’s just how I roll. Pepper would be a great name for a BTC 😛 I’ve had cats named Kahlua, Sambuca, Anise, and our current feline would’ve been named Barley but Ian couldn’t properly say that, so we changed it to Whiskey. (I didn’t have the heart to change Ellie’s name when she came to us, since she was already 5yo, but I do call her Jellybean & Jellie-Bellie all the time)

      Can’t wait to see puppy pics!!!

  2. I’m not ready to vote yet. Still thinking. Instead of using the call name Pepper you could use Salty. That could work for the pepper names or even South Sea.

    I love Friday and Short Skirt Long Jacket.

    Gaits of Heaven, call name Peter, Petra, Simon??? This is hard.

    Are you sure you only have to name one puppy?

  3. you cannot call the dog pepper. really? you’d call the dog pepper? after all the other cool names your pets/kids have? serious? pepper?????!!!!

    Friday is one of my all time favorite dog names, although I usually associate that name with boy dogs…

    But Paisley is cute aswell…

    I am not very good with names. Wicca and Pixel are my only cool dog names, and they were both very difficult to find…

  4. idk but you seem to really love your dogs! I have a cardigan welsh corgi. His name is Merlyn. He is a champion show dog! He got first place in the AKC championship but that was with his original owner. once we bought him he got fat and lazy. /: He is still cute! He looks exactly like Bronte. with the brown and black on his face, and white in the middle.

  5. Instead of Pepper you could use a call name Chilli.

    I am seriously no good at the naming thing so I am the wrong person to ask.

  6. Hmmm. How about “Smoke on the Water,” call name Geneva or Neve? The markings allusion is apt, and if you Wikipedia why the song was written, it might fit…

  7. I chose Bittersweet Symphony. As I went back to your original picture post, you mentioned how “Bittersweet” this puppy was going to be since it might be your last. When I first saw the pic and story, I was immediately drawn to Black Pearl for obvious reasons, but maybe that is just to obvious for you and you wanted something unique. Pearl Jam would be cute too – call her Jammer.

    [Found you through other blogs and love to read your stuff. I just got my first corgi this winter and it’s daddy is Pecan Valley Avalance. Love the Pecan Valley dogs!]

  8. I am a great big ol’ cheeseball, so I think that “Hula” or “Hula Girl” would be great call names for the registered name South Seas.

  9. I voted “Short skirt long jacket” because it’s one of my hubbies favourite songs. He said you could call her Jackie 😉 I LIKE Paisley but only for a blue…

  10. I still like Black Pearl the best, since she was the replacement. South Sea is my 2nd favorite- you could call her Oceana or Meridian (though probably not since you have Meriwether). And I like the CAKE reference- maybe Indie since they are an indie band?

  11. I picked an other, and chose “Trouble the Water” it is the title of a beautiful anthology of African-American Poetry from 1997, hence the call name Maya (ie Maya Angelou, my favorite poet). It brings in the “Trouble” from her Mama, and the Water reference.

    It is also from the line “God’s gonna trouble the water” from the spiritual “Wade in the Water.” It is a beautiful song.

  12. Love Short Skirt Long Jacket, but I love that song! This puppy isn’t hardcore enough looking for me though. Summer of Love would be great, but to me not a fan of Paisley (makes me think of ugly ties and bad bedspreads) so a bit biased. Love this puppy though!!!! Names are so fun!! You have earned this puppy!

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