Dee comes to visit

I’ve talked about my sister Delia (the much-adored perfect aunt) before. Dee came home from Ohio for a visit, so we took the opportunity to go get some pictures of the girls and their aunts. The result, as usual, was 850 terrible pictures of Tabitha picking her nose and Zuzu crying and yelling “Fries! Fries!” at the top of her lungs, and 15 good ones.


This one I think I’ll take.


7 thoughts on “Dee comes to visit

  1. what a lovely, frame & mantel-worthy picture!

    You know, I have two absolutely gorgeous sons that I’m blessed by and grateful for. But when I see your daughters, I get an instant urge to pray for fertility and go try to reproduce. They cause more than a *little* daughter-envy, and I’m not proud of this at all.


    • Thanks :). There hasn’t been a boy born in our family since my dad was born 65 years ago. I wouldn’t even know what to do with a boy!

  2. Beautiful! As usual, your posts crack me up.

    Btw, WHY AREN’T I IN YOUR BLOGROLL YET?!?!? When you get bored of dogs, I have lovely content about placentas in the freezer!

  3. Your girls are so beautiful. What a great picture. And I love the dresses your bigger girls are wearing–I actually tried one of those on myself the other day. Definitely looks better on them.

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