MoMA 2: The Base of MoMA


Since lots of people have asked for the story on this, here it is:

When we had the house fire, we got a certain amount of money to rebuild. That amount was neither large nor generous, and it has not increased by some magic donation since then. What is going into the entire house is an amount that most people spend to rehab a kitchen.

Our secret weapon is a fabulous, talented contractor who we trust enough to give him a dollar amount for the entire job and then walk away. I’ve mentioned before that Doug and I are stupid, stupid, stupid when it comes to house-ish stuff. We’ve got our heads stuck in computers all day long and I couldn’t tell you the difference between brushed nickel and stainless steel if you paid me.

At the beginning of the whole rebuild, I would get a call that I had to go to Home Depot or whatever and pick out a floor tile. And I would go, and stand next to the contractor, and I would say “I haven’t the slightest idea. What do you recommend?” and he would say “I think that one would be nice.” And I would say “Great, wonderful, I am pretty sure some blogs have updated since I’ve been standing here, gotta go.”

After a few weeks of this when I stood next to him I would get “I think a counter that looks like this would be good; can you approve?” And I would say “As long as it holds a sandwich, fine with me. Ooo, did Kate post new pictures of Dexter? Gotta go!”

Then, and this is honestly to my great relief, I stopped getting the calls entirely. I’d just go over to the house and the tile elves would have installed stuff in the bathroom. I know, everyone who is reading this who spent weeks sourcing natural hickory for their kitchen cabinetry is absolutely cringing at this, but it has been fabulous for us.

I did know that the contractor was doing a sink in concrete. I did not know the design or how it was all going to come together or the fact that it apparently belongs in a gallery. That’s all a gorgeous surprise and I am just sitting here chortling madly.

The kitchen counters are concrete as well, though they are not white. What are they? I am not actually sure, but they’ll hold a sandwich.

12 thoughts on “MoMA 2: The Base of MoMA

  1. THAT is one cool sink. However, I would not lean against the edge with any bare body parts.

    Do you know how fortunate you are to have found this contractor. So many have no taste, are not careful, don’t clean up behind themselves, don’t show up, and the list goes on. Cherish this guy, bring him cookies, thank him about ten times a day.

    • Sorry, Penni – you changed e-mails so you ended up in my moderation queue for a few minutes there.

      The edge is actually shell shapes, I guess like fossils? So it’s not sharp. And yes, I know how amazing it is to have a contractor this good.

  2. Wow! What a sink! You are going to have a beautifully redesigned home when it’s all done…..You will have to do a full virtual tour for all of us when you get all settled back in!

  3. Holy wow! That is one incredible sink! After your contractor is done with your house, do you think he’d like a nice vacation in Canada?? Free room and board in return for a few *ahem* small renos… ;))

  4. Hmm, my dream is cork floors in the kitchen and baths, radiated heat floors and solar panels…..maybe in my next life. Your house looks stunning so far.

  5. so basically, your contractor is an *artist* who earns his living by doing hard manual labor. Dude really did an amazing job on that sink and base. ::applause:: And I covet your kitchen countertops, this is what I want for my custom kitchen someday. Your house is going to RULE!!! Please spoil this guy, feed him the grass-fed beef you get for Bronte and the no-nitrites ham you served at Easter… he’s worth that and more.

    Emily, if you’re in the Portland metro area, I can recommend an honest, awesome contractor.

  6. At the risk of being redundant…WOW! I love it! I think my favorite part is that it is rounded and that is great as my guess that with kids and multiple dogs the potential for sink/hip connection is quite high. It might be cold though. The contractor does great work and must be quite the honest man. Is he single, youngish, love dogs? 🙂

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