I’m pretty sure my bathroom sink should be at the MoMA


My contractor just e-mailed this to me; he’s doing the rough-in fitting for the plumbing. He designed and fabricated this sink for us; it’s actually honed white concrete. I am weirdly attracted to the crate bottom, but he’s got some kind of crazy flying buttress base that I have never seen right-side-up.



10 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure my bathroom sink should be at the MoMA

  1. That is absolutely the coolest sink I’ve ever seen. If I could redo my bath, that’s exactly what I’d want! (I’m saving the picture for when I win the lottery!)
    As a first-timer to this blog, thank you. Now to read about doggies!

  2. srsly?

    sorry, that’s all I could think of. It’s like your house is some fancy-pants five star hotel.

    Just put your cheapo soap in a swanky 7$ refillable pump and it’ll look all chic. Because if your a real bargain shopper, you buy the value-size refill jugs anyway, so why get an ugly disposable pump to refill?

    otoh – is it gonna be a pain in the butt to clean toothpaste splatters out of all those ridges? Obviously, I am not cut out to live in swanky 5-star hotels like you.

  3. LOL, I was thinking the same thing. What about shaving scum? Because we ALL know, men don’t clean the sink after shaving. And kids don’t clean the sink either, after squeezing half a tube of toothpaste into it. 🙂

    I don’t know, maybe your brood is more civilized than mine. They definitely look more civilized LOL. Anyway, that sink is fabulous! I can’t wait to see the bathroom after it’s finished!

    I just found out today that the bathrooms in the apartments in Korea are one big shower stall. I mean, there isn’t anything differentiating the sink and toilet from the shower. Big drain in the floor, no curtain. The toilets are computerized or something, buttons all down one side. We’re trying to figure out why on earth a toilet would need to be computerized.

    I think we’ll be leaving for Korea in about 8 weeks. Matt’s already there. Austin’s going with us, Burner’s going back to his breeder. There’s a story there, if you care to hear it someday 🙂

  4. I think you could charge people to use a bathroom that pretty. Seriously. You know those faucet commercials, where they say things like “Design a home around this”… I think this is a great example ;0P heehee


  5. And your contractor, SERIOUSLY talented. I really hope he puts this design up for sale. If there’s a sink art show, he needs to enter! This design, is seriously beautiful, and gallery quality!

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