This is, without question, a show/working breeder’s worst nightmare.



9 thoughts on “Horrid

  1. ANd the worse part, laws allowing this garbage to happen, are being passed EVERY year in areas all over the US. Animal rights extremists want to end breeding, and working of dogs, and will stop at nothing to have their political agenda pushed.

    For pet owners who say “this won’t affect me”, the animal rights agenda is also against all “use”, including ownership of animals. While they’re working on stopping breeding now, their goal, is to stop the human animal relationship.

    Such a shame, and terrible political scheme.

  2. What’s terrifying is how much they can get away with without having a warrant, and how completely unwilling to work with the person they are. They just swept in, took all the dogs (even those that weren’t hers) and are right now probably sterilizing and adopting them out before anyone can even organize a legal response. It’s completely unreasonable.

    • EDIT: Apparently they DID have a warrant. We’ll have to wait and see what further information comes out before knowing for sure what was going on there, I suppose.

  3. You should read Terrierman’s Daily Dose for more info on this case. While I don’t agree with him on a number of things, he really does put effort into researching to get correct information.

    • Yeah, here’s the thing. Patrick is one of the bigger asshats in the entire dog world, and one of the things that makes his hat even more charming than most is that HE’S NOT A BREEDER. He’s made himself a very nice name commenting on things that he knows exactly nothing about, and he does it in an incredibly meanspirited way. I’ve honestly thought of pulling apart some (many) of his more douchebagesque posts, but when it comes down to it I don’t even want to be near that much poison.

      His whole point is that she had too many dogs. BIG WHOOP. So do 99% of all breeders. That’s one of the reasons this has freaked breeders out so much; most of us live within zoning that limits dogs and we all try to be quiet about it and not cause a problem. IF she did have too many dogs (which is actually questionable; if the zoning rule went into effect after she had already broken it, she should have been grandfathered in), and IF she was made aware of it, she should have had ample time to appeal, ask for an exemption, call her lawyer, fight the case, and then (if she lost) cut her numbers down. If I build a shed on my property that’s too close to the boundaries, and my neighbor complains, nobody comes in the middle of the night with a flatbed trailer and takes my shed away and sells it. They notify me, I go before the zoning board of appeals, they determine whether my arguments are valid (the shed was grandfathered, I had a valid hardship, etc.) and the whole thing proceeds in a legal fashion. What happened to her was nothing more than stealing her dogs.

      By the way, I’m legal within my zoning. But we ARE within town limits and it’s entirely possible that at some point they’ll pass a two-dog limit or whatever and at that point no, I will not stop breeding or showing. I will live illegally and only put two dogs at a time in the yard and all the other things that thousands of other good, responsible show breeders do with their dogs. Patrick has no clue because he doesn’t live within the culture and has never had to put his money where his mouth is; he has the great luxury of being able to yell at people with zero personal responsibility on his own head. If he took on any of that weight, he might pipe down a little.

      • I *REALLY* hope the truth on this case comes out soon. I know here in Oregon, the AR crews are working successfully to create some off the wall, bogus laws, that DO allow AC officers to pull animals with no real investigation, just as the original linked blog posts tells of.

        Here’s an updated blog post on the original blog linked: http://neveryetmelted.com/2009/08/07/murder-hollow-bassets-raided-2-the-pspca-strikes-back/ I’m doing continued research on this case, with great interest. If Murder Hollow actually fell into a neglected state, it’s a tragic loss of a great kennel.

        Either way, rights of US citizens to a legit investigation are being taken away daily, and this IS a big deal. The big concern is the animal humane organizations can pull, and then place or put down dogs before proper legal proceedings have been completed in many states. Often times animals are being pulled, placed, or put down, then charges are dropped. A really crappy scheme, that goes against the US constitution, and against US citizens rights to fair trials.

      • That reality is why I don’t demonize breeders who debark. My own gal is from a breeder who has around 15-20 toy dogs at any given time, and she debarks all of them by default. Solely on that point, some people screech how she is a horrible person, and that they’d never buy or breed from her dogs.

        But she lives in a SUBURBAN AREA for half the year. Which means, no matter how large your lot is, you have (sometimes irrational or dog-hating) NEIGHBORS. What this Basset case has shown, is that getting a ‘noise complaint’ about your dogs can lead to this kind of terrifying result if you have more than is ‘socially acceptable’ or if your local AC happens to be on the AR side of things and gets appalled at seeing more then 3 dogs in one house.

        I don’t blame any breeder AT ALL for trying all they can to minimize any potential affect on the neighbors her dogs may have. Debarking them all may be on the more paranoid side of caution, but seriously, I can see why someone would decide to do that.

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