happy happy joy joy


Last week.


Walls get two coats of deck and floor paint.


Kennel plan (white lines will be installed; red is where they will be divided later)


Mid-way through being painted with epoxy (garage floor) paint. Second coat will go in this week.


Temporary fence being installed (looks like crap, but who cares). These are 40″ sheep panels, by the way – I HIGHLY recommend these for sturdy temp-to-perm fencing. We usually line out the install very carefully, so it looks pretty, but in this case since it’ll only be up for a few weeks we just got them in the ground as fast as possible.


Inside the house, progress continues:


Bathroom tile is installed; will be grouted this week.


Shower is almost done. It has a pretty metal decorative piece that our contractor surprised us with. The little copper piece you see is where a hand-held “microphone” shower will be installed (there’s also a rainwater shower head in the ceiling). He usually attaches the microphone piece up high, but for us he moved it down several feet so the hand-held fixture can reach the floor for washing dogs. Yay!


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