And then she picked up her skirts and ran away

Why didn’t anyone tell me that ordering cabinets is only slightly less torturous than giving birth?

Three hours of trying to get a mumble-thousand-dollar order (which we had initially estimated at only half that) down to something approaching groan-thousand.

There was one point at which we needed to decide between slide-out shelves in the lower cabinetry and stationary shelves in the same cabinets, and the difference between the two was like four hundred dollars. Per cabinet. The kitchen designer said “Well, you can go with the stationary shelves, but then you’re going to be leaning over and having to climb into the cabinets to get the stuff in the far back.” And it suddenly hit me that we were putting a market value on NO ONE EVER SEEING MY BOTTOM HANGING OUT OF A CUPBOARD. And then I realized THERE IS NO PRICE YOU CAN PUT ON THAT.

So we got the slide-out shelves.

5 thoughts on “And then she picked up her skirts and ran away

  1. Oh – you’ve just started with the fun. Next is waiting for them to get there. And when the big truck pulls up and they unload them and some of them turn out to be a completely different finish than the others. And so you wait again until they all show up. Then you wait until the installer can fit you in. And then you wait for the counter top guy to come draw a template. And then you wait for them to make the countertop. And then you wait some more for the countertop installer to fit you in and by then you’re thinking that you will never again have a flat spot in your kitchen again to sit the coffee maker on.

    Don’t even get me started on what happens a couple of years later when you decide to add an island .

    I’m almost over the bitterness.

    • I am desperately hoping we get a consistent finish, because they’re slab doors (frameless install and the doors are solid, no profile), so the finish will be the only thing you see!

      The countertop is almost done; the only pieces that need to be fabricated are the short pieces between sink and stove and between sink and wall. So that at least should be OK. Install will be done by my contractor, who is also doing the countertop. I am hoping that removing Home Depot from the equation after the ordering is done will solve at least some of the delays. And, of course, replace them with others. Sigh!

  2. oooooooooh, didya get drawers for your pots & pans? a lazy susan corner cabinet? I love those pull-out shelves, they save your back too, not just your butt.

    BTW, love your bathroom tile, and love that your contractor surprised you with that pretty trim. Can’t wait to see pics of the finished rooms (I’m sure you can’t wait for the rooms to be finished). Must be so exciting to see such tangible progress!

    • No corner cabinets, actually. We have one long straight run of cabinetry and then a much shorter facing wall. It’s sort of a galley kitchen-but-not-really. I’ll post pics as soon as things get a little more visible.

      But yes, everything has pull-outs except for the sink base (and yes, I took everyone’s advice and got an enormous sink). We had so sacrifice the tall “utility” cabinets I wanted (the big pantries) on either side of the fridge because they were SUPER expensive. Instead, we’ll put in shorter pull-outs and cap them with small countertop pieces.

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