Updates (shorties)

Puppy: Is definitely the black girl assuming she still looks good after WR (the Western Reserve specialty, which is next weekend). I should get her in maybe a week and a half.

Puppy name: Being hotly debated.

House: Bathroom tile is finished; kitchen cabinets will be designed and ordered (which sounds quite impressive but it’s basically just telling the Home Depot lady whether we want a big sink or a little sink) on Monday.

Dog room: Painted.

Dog fence: Not moved yet. Was hot enough today that when I stood outside I felt my pancreas cooking, so we’re going to try again after church.

Kids: Went to the beach with my sisters while we painted. Came back completely encrusted with sand, burned (through 60+ sunblock), exhausted, and happy. We came back from painting completely encrusted with latex paint, burned out, exhausted, and filthy. Not exactly an even trade but I was unbelievably grateful to have them out of our hair for a few hours.

Dogs: Driving me up a wall but fine. Constant neighbor-dog barking continues. And continues. And is met by fresh arias by my dogs. And is answered back. I feel like my lips are permanently frozen in a shushing posture. Oversized red dog that was either a ridgeless Ridgeback or a mix-of-enormous-proportions (I am voting for former; Doug thinks latter) was actually loose on the grounds today, posturing under the windows and making all 40-something dogs in the complex LOSE THEIR BOWELS. I have never heard such screeching and screaming and barking and little nails on windows as I have heard today. I will be so. freaking. glad to be able to move my dogs back to a yard.

Blessings (counting them): A marriage that not only withstands this but is good enough that we sit on the couch and laugh all evening about how horrid the day was. Sisters who are not afraid of sand. Pizza. Dogs who get along. The pizza again. Kids all asleep in the same bed, little pink knees slathered with aloe.


7 thoughts on “Updates (shorties)

  1. Any parameters for name? Fingers crossed she still looks nice! Is Betty Ann going to be at the Specialty?

    I’m tired just reading about everything you have going on. Hope you can get at least partly settled soon!

  2. Sounds like you’ve a spouse & sisters worth their weight in gold! God Bless ’em!g
    For dog name, how about something about the fire? Or being a phoenix? After all, you’d never have had her without all this other mayhem.

    And go for the big sink, if at all possible. I never hear anyone complain that their sink is too big. I know you’ll have the dog room & everything, but you never know when that big sink will come in handy.

  3. What Mary said… your breeding program & kennel are rising from the ashes, so I love the Phoenix reference. And small kitchen sinks are useless & frustrating, so GO BIG! IKEA has some gorgeous deep apron-front sinks that I’ve heard are a super bargain (which I realize is all relative in the home improvement realm) if you’re not liking the choices at Home Depot.

    Blessings 😀 It’s the refiner’s fire, J. You & yours are obviously gold. But yeah, mad props to Doug & your sisters… I’m thinking of that TobyMac song “Love is in the House”, seems apropos for you.

    • Yes, I think a big sink is definitely happening.

      You’re about the fifth person who has recommended Phoenix, but I know a couple of canine Phoenixes and it would feel like stealing. But yes, it would be super appropriate to the situation.

  4. Go for the big sink and deep if you can. I got one a few years ago when remodeling and LOVE it. It’s so good for cookie sheets and trays etc. And the deep ones are great so your counter doesn’t look like you’ve had water sports every time you wash.\

    Can I ask about the puppies parents….are they Amber and Thief? It’s hard to know as she doesn’t always keep her website current…sigh

    • She’s on dialup, so I’m surprised she updates it as often as she does.

      The litter is Thunder x Courtney (Ch. Pecan Valley Blue Thunder x Ch. Sunkissed Nothing But Trouble). Courtney is a Draco daughter.

      I’ll post a pedigree as soon as she arrives.

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