Just a short one

Thank you so much for sharing my excitement over a new puppy. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to getting her (or him, or whoever steps out of the shipping crate). The pic is her at six weeks old; she’s seven weeks old now. So we could get her basically any time the temperatures in Little Rock are low enough. One more reason to get the big dogs over to the house!

We’re finishing the basement paint and ordering the kennels tomorrow, and setting (temporary but safe) fence on Saturday.

We decided on a 5 x 5 kennel:


The advantage of this size is that we can give the dogs a HUGE area while we are in flux but can change the front panel into two gates and create 30″ x 60″ kennels when and if we need them. That’s plenty big, considering that we will use the kennels only as a replacement for crates and the dogs will spend no extended time in them. We’ll start with space for four and end up with space for six plus a big puppy pen. That’s as many Cardigans as I ever intend to have, so I’m good with that. The kennels are four feet high and we’ll cover them and put crates on top for emergencies and visitors.

Lots of pictures tomorrow, I promise!


4 thoughts on “Just a short one

  1. Niiiiiiiiice. Which company makes those with the interchangeable panels? I want to do a similar thing when we can get the addition built and I can have a Dog Room. I might have an actual orgasm when we get to install a raised tub and built-in grooming station.

  2. very cool kennel! Do you mind sharing how much they cost? Or do you get a pro discount as a groomer/breeder and the rest of us would have to pay with a human kidney?

    On an unrelated note, now that you’re getting ready to move the Corgis back to the house, is it at all possible/feasible for you to borrow a fifth wheel trailer or RV and move back onto the property while you get the house finished? Or would that be more stressful for you and not worth the savings on rent for the little apartment of happiness? Some friends did this while they were doing a massive reno to their 19th century farmhouse, they also had four kids around the same age as yours. It came to mind because it’d allow you to have the dogs at the house and still be just a few steps away…

  3. Thanks :). The kennels are Cottageview kennels and I can actually order them through Home Depot. And no, I am by no means a pro and don’t get any discount! They’re $219 each and they’re designed to be modular; HD also sells the single panels. I’ll be calling PetSafe for more doors.

    I think we would investigate a trailer if we were not in the home stretch – we have another month on our apartment lease and at that point we’ll probably move back into the house whether it’s completely done or not!

  4. Oh, and I should add that these are not “pro”-strength kennels. I would have to use something different if we had the big dogs or dedicated escapees. But they’re inexpensive and they’ll work just fine for the the corgathon.

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