Fun among the ruins

When it’s a hideously hot day and your parents have to spend five hours working on the house, the only thing to do is clear a place in the debris field, have your dad mow it, and set up a slip n slide!


Doug and I were trying to get the basement into shape, with very limited success, and it was 89 degrees in the front yard. Clearly, kids had the much better time of it.


Proof that we are Bad Parents: the slip n slide extended from the enormous dumpster on one end to a pile of old roofing material on the other. Doug mowed, I checked the grass for nails or glass, and nobody bothered with swim suits (even if they had had them).


Lunch was bought at Home Depot (Pringles, beef jerky, and peanut m&ms).


Tabitha, seen here with Pringles Cheek (TM), provided hair-related comic relief.


Come visit – we’ll let you slide too!


4 thoughts on “Fun among the ruins

  1. Aww! If we were closer, Dea would LOVE the slide, and I’d ve happy to help with house stuff…. but, we’re not close enough, and I think I’ve developed a massive tick phobia from reading your posts ;0P heehee

    • Zuzu is getting big, isn’t she? I LOVE it when they get over 18 months (she’s 20 months now). All of a sudden they’re KIDS, not babies, and they just run around with everybody and have fun.

      She and Meri are the blondes, and they do have a lot of red in their hair. My hair was very blonde when I was younger, but it’s always been dishwater blonde, ashy and dull and what my sisters and I call “green.” Meri and Zoob are lucky and have nice metallic-y streaks and when it’s wet it’s reddish. The red comes right down from my great-grandfather, who came over from Denmark, and Doug’s family is Welsh/English. So lots and lots of red on both sides of the family and the reunions with the cousins is like the Heatmiser’s house :).

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