I was asked to post a bad picture of Clue. I honestly don’t have one.

I mean, yes, I have unflattering pictures of her, but I have yet to see her look dumb, just like I’ve never taken a picture of Ginny where she doesn’t look beautiful. Clue actually IS that smart, but more than that her face and head are shaped the right way so she LOOKS it.

And then there is… Bronte.

Kate will tell you the awful truth: Seeing Bronte in person, you can’t stop looking at her. She is gorgeous, just GORGEOUS. Clue is much more plain, smaller, less striking; everybody who sees Bronte and Clue together talks and talks about how pretty Bronte is. I don’t mean that she has perfect conformation; I know her faults. But just as a DOG, she’s everybody’s favorite.

But stick a camera anywhere near her and she promptly becomes the village idiot. Seriously, I have NEVER seen a dog take worse pictures than she does. I take three hundred photos of her and Clue; I can keep ninety of Clue’s and I end up posting the one of Bronte where you can only see the back of her head.

I had to go looking for one of her to show you; I normally delete them so my shame does not follow me ;).

What I was LOOKING at was a lovely black dog running joyfully toward me.

What I TOOK was this:


Not only is it out of focus, she’s apparently screaming “BRAINS! I WILL EAT YOUR BRAINS! WELL, OK, just as soon as I stuff my tongue back in my mouth. BUT I WANT BRAINS!”


11 thoughts on “doofus

  1. I read what you wrote and could only see the beautiful grass in the top of the picture. Then I scrolled down, and now I can’t see anything at all because I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying!

  2. see? The post made everyone happy!!! I love this picture of Bronte 😀 I guess it’s safe to say that Clue is the more photogenic of the two Corgis?

    I understand that you would hesitate to post pics like this most of the time, and we all certainly delight in your gorgeous pictures, but I think they make for brilliant comic relief on occasion. My current favorite picture of my EllieMae is of her playing with her rope bone, belly up and [long] legs akimbo. And I’m dying to catch her with my camera someday chasing after a bouncyball, loping around like a newborn fawn. 😛 Anyway, much obliged, thank you!

  3. Oh. My. God! What a fabulous image! That’s even better than the one with the purple knitted hat. Bronte is such a sweetie.

    Thanks Joanna, for a great laugh. This is why we love corgis.

  4. ROTFLMAO!!!!! My GSD is like that…stunning in the flesh and, er, “special” in the eyes of the camera lens LMAO!!!!!

  5. ROFL!! I love that picture!! It shows the true spirit of the Cardigans…always trying to make us happy and smile. 🙂 Bronte definitely acheives that, so don’t ever apologize for a “bad” picture. She warms our hearts!

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