Things I am crushing on at the moment.


Dell scissor lamp. Sigh. It costs more than my fridge.


Grumpy Tabitha


Chris Christensen T-Brush


Braided tug in oh-so-yummy pink, black, and white.




My new cooktop and oven. Thermador 36″ gas cooktop (bought used) and Bosch oven (badly dinged in one corner and thus 75% off). The fruits of about a hundred hours of searching.


White kangaroo show lead with turquoise and Murano glass. My sister lived for five years on Burano, which is the island next to Murano.


Gorgeous, serious T. from my Sunday school class. And the fact that Honour took this picture.

One thought on “Things I am crushing on at the moment.

  1. that little boy is such a cutie. And of course, Tabitha is breathtaking, even when grumpy!

    I’m SO excited that you found an oven for 75% off!!! WOO-HOO!!! I can’t wait to see the pictures of your finished kitchen.

    You need to post dorky pictures of Clue, she can’t always look that pretty & smiley, can she? Maybe you can do a post of the ultimate silliest, doofus-dog pictures you’ve taken? That’d be fun for everyone, sure to lift spirits on a bad day 😉

    If I were to do a post like yours today, it would have 7 pictures of puppies, the delicious litter currently up for adoption at the rescue where we got EllieMae. And a picture of my little guy at his easel drawing. But the PUPPY FEVER, auuuughh! Bad, bad sickness!!!

    Have a great weekend Joanna!

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