trying again


and then going in a totally different direction:



6 thoughts on “trying again

  1. I prefer the top one to the bottom one, but still prefer Experiment 1 below out of all of them. If you do decide to lay the page links out horizontally like that, it might be better to put something else between the “ruffly speaking” and “about” — if you look quickly it reads “ruffly speaking about contact puppies,” which brings to mind several creative and interesting possibilities, but not necessarily ones you want to leave the web surfer with. 🙂

  2. i don’t like where the “blacksheep cardigans” is on the second one- you could move it down to where the ruffly speaking is, and just use “blog” like you did in the other examples.

  3. They both seem unbalanced to me. The first is “top heavy”, and the second – it’s the small pic-big pic-small pic-big pic thing I don’t like (then again, I’m all about the symmetry). I prefer the first – it’s “cleaner”. I agree with Dawn about the “ruffly speaking about contact puppies”, and “Blacksheep” also gets lost. Is it Blacksleep? Blackseep? To me, the works and the pictures just don’t play well together 🙂

    Aren’t we a picky bunch?? Keep in mind, I for one couldn’t do any better!

  4. I’m no help at all because my favorite so far is the one you have tagged as “Old” in the previous post 😛

    From this post, I prefer the symmetry of the 2nd option (as well as the lack of splotches), but agree that the words and pictures aren’t working together for me in either option, sorry.

    Oh, a constructive criticism, if you will… If this is to be your breeder website, I’d say keep Bramble and Ginny’s presence to the margins. If I were looking for a Corgi and came to your site because you’re a Cardigan breeder, I’d be very confused by the appearance of miscellaneous, non-CC dogs. So, their pictures could be thumbnails for “Rescue” (as in the 1st option above), and something else that I can’t think of now, but I don’t think they should be featured prominently, since what you’re advertising is your Cardigan Corgi breeding. I hope that makes sense, because I love seeing pics of Bramble (glossy, muscular!) and Ginny (fluffy & flirty!) but I just don’t think they belong anywhere near the top of your Corgi Breeder’s website.

    Have you decided on what sheep you’ll be getting? Because I was thinking that a cool background for your site, instead of the dreaded splotches or a boring solid color, would be a picture of some beautiful sheep’s coat (I’m thinking brown & curly wool, but I’m sure you could find a coat color & texture that’d work for you)

  5. I am probably going against the grain…but I prefer the look of the bottom design. I like simple and straight. When the header gets to big…you are dropping all things down further on the page. The only things that I would change is put Ginny’s image at the end. Do out small images, inner larger images. Darken the lettering of “blacksheep cardigans” to pop off of the images. (Just love that image of Clue!)

    I swear I spend more time trying to figure out how to pretty up my sites than working on the other things that need to be done. I can get lost in CSS and HTML…

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