need feedback on website design

I know that it all depends on function, blah blah, but right now I am looking purely for an aesthetic impression, and (just as important) whether you think it looks like “me.”


webfront copy-1

Experiment 1:


Experiment 2:


I also desperately need font advice.


14 thoughts on “need feedback on website design

    • I added a third one. Washed out/70s looking.

      The splatters are just supposed to be graphical. Something to anchor the pictures. Mud is as good a guess as any. Maybe I should put the bigger/muddier splatters behind the third one? The splatters on #3 are looking kind of twee/emo to me.

  1. While I’m a big fan of B&W photos, your dogs are so beautiful and varied in color – I think you should definitely have their images in color, as well. Even if you change to new images. Just my 2 cents…

  2. I was thinking coffee…

    I like the way Clue’s pix is fuzzy and the color intensity of the original. Of the 2 experiments I like #2 with the font on #1…

  3. I like the third font, but the second set up… I think you should switch out the photo of bramble though- for something softer in color maybe? he stands out the most because of the black…

    the other font kind of over powers the photos.

    oh, and i know i am in the minority, but I DO like the B&W

  4. The layout and background of Experiment #1, the pictures of Experiment #2 (your dogs deserve to be in colour 🙂 ), and as for font – I have nuttin’.

    Is it worrying that I thought of blood when I saw the splatter pattern on #2?? 🙂

  5. I do not think #1 represents you well at all. I mean, it’s nice looking, but it isn’t you. Sepia and splatters make me think artsy, emotional, melancholy, maybe a little out of touch with reality.

    You are bold, practical, hard-hitting, fearless, analytical, independent-minded. Hmm, I think bold and practical are the ones resonating best for me. Sepia mud splatters are not bold and practical.

    Also, as has been mentioned, your photography is good enough that it doesn’t need sepiaing-up to make it presentable.

    The second is better, but agreed that I’m not digging the font. It’s kinda trendier-than-thou artsy. I do like the clue picture in the bottom center of that one better too.

    I’m not seeing a third?

    Reiterating that I think these are very good designs, but not very representative of your voice. I’d like to see more color and less blurry-ness. (gah, now I sound like a grade school teacher)

    Oh, and unrelated, I love the ‘more flying dogs’.

  6. I don’t know you well enough to say what says you, but I’m thinking the splatters need to go.

    What I really want to know is how did the herding go last weekend (or did it not happen yet?)

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