House update and nude Bronte

We have tile!


I am not sure why the floor tile photographed so dark, but it is actually in the same color family as the wall tile. It has grey patches, though, making it EXACTLY THE SAME COLOR AS CORGI HAIR. Frickin genius is my contractor. All tile = Home Cheapo, but installed so it looks nicer than it really is.


I was looking at these pictures and shaking my head in amazement.

This is Bronte a couple of weeks after she got back. She was skinny and didn’t have any undercoat but had kept a lot of her gorgeous furnishings.


This was her yesterday. Neck hair GONE. Ruff GONE. Chest hair GONE. What you can’t see is that her tail and her pants are GONE. I didn’t even take a picture from the front because she looks so bizarre.

She has finally stopped shedding so dramatically, so here’s hoping the hair starts to recover soon so she doesn’t look quite so much like an eel.


2 thoughts on “House update and nude Bronte

  1. NICE on the corgi-colored flooring! I cannot wait to replace the flooring in my house with something more dog friendly. But no fire to speed the process along! Fire bad!

  2. It’s just about perfect timing. I have a photo of Demi going reserve at the Canadian National … it was 4 months after her first litter and she too was naked.

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