Anyone know fridges?

The local scratch n dent place has a 10-yr-old Sub-Zero 590 (side by side) for under a grand. Very tempting to me because of the size. Almost 30 cubic feet. Are old S-Zs like old Volvos (last forever) or like old Jaguars?


3 thoughts on “Anyone know fridges?

  1. I only know about ultra-low freezers (-80 degrees C) that are used in laboratory settings, but they are about the most unreliable pieces of equipment around. They have dual compressors and an average life-span of about six to seven years. And it costs a feakin’ fortune to get them repaired if you can even find anyone to do it. I have no idea if a sub-zero is anything like an ultra-low, but if so, I’d be afraid…very afraid…

  2. With side-by-sides, I’ve always found that there’s not really enough room in the fridge, especially with a large family. And the freezer side is generally too small to hold important things like frozen pizzas. Heating those up counts as cooking, right?

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