Today the kids told me that they’d been training Ginny for agility.

I didn’t really believe them until I came outside.

This is what I saw:


I don’t even know how to caption this. She looks like a dog balloon in a Macy’s parade.

There were four of the little gutter pipes and she did this over each one, and then we let her off-leash and she ran away from us and jumped up and did it all again herself, tail whipping the whole time.




Brains and beauty.


14 thoughts on “Ginnagility

  1. ok, you proved me wrong with that first picture… it IS possible for Ginny to get all the attention even if she’s photographed with one of your girls! That is an amazing picture O_O (is someone playing with her new D40, perhaps?)

    Maybe you need to post videos on your blog… Ginny doing agility and Woody dancing for you after midnight. šŸ˜€

  2. That is awesome! When we were doing agility with Chance (our Rott-Anatolian mix), there was a dog Ginny’s size in the group (a dauschund mix, looked kind of like Bramble). That little dog tried SO hard to get over the big dog hurdles. It was hysterical, and somehow inspiring.

    And your girls! Good training!

    • Oh, don’t worry, Ginny’s not going anywhere. She came to us to be Honour’s dog and right now you’d have to cut off my hand to get her away. Bramble is our failed foster – we were looking for a home for him and then just stopped looking :).

      We are very full now, especially since we’ll be growing in Cardigan numbers at some point, so when we rescue again we really WILL let him or her go :).

  3. Whoa! What a high jump! Reminds me of my TT when we were doing agility.. she could outjump every dog in the class even though she’s only 15 1/2″.

    Also, your daughter has the most stunning hair.

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