Somewhere in CT, there’s a puppy mill breeding Ginnys

Somebody please go get her. I am sure she’ll be adopted, but I can’t bear to see a Ginny wait very long.

This is at least the sixth or seventh time in the last 18 months that I’ve seen this type of dog at Hartford – a Cavalier mix (some of them look Cav x Papillon, like Ginny, and others look like Cav x Chihuahua), under fifteen pounds, either red, red and white, or tricolor. Somebody is really pumping them out for them to be hitting the pound at this rate.

This is the kind of mix that is fabulous for older people or for dog-savvy kids. And just look what you get in the end, after a lot of rehab and some pink food coloring:



6 thoughts on “Somewhere in CT, there’s a puppy mill breeding Ginnys

  1. I had to go check out the website and that little girl is calling my name. I wish we were in a place to adopt another dog right now. I wonder though if bringing a small dog into our home with a bigger dog would be a good idea. Do you have any opinions on that, Joanna? We have a 60ish lbs beagle/coon hound mix right now, and I’d love a smaller dog when we are ready for another.

    • We’ve always mixed sizes without trouble, but: I am really really bossy. I rarely have dog-to-dog problems because I don’t let them get going. I think if both dogs are dog-friendly, they adjust their play styles to fit the other one and they’re absolutely fine. If one or the other has dog issues, it can be more complicated, in the same way that it ALWAYS is when there are dog issues, but when the sizes are very disparate it’s not an even match.

  2. your daughter’s hair is SO gorgeous it makes me want to cry… not to mention wanting to have a daughter too! An d that SMILE!!! *sigh* Ginny looks pretty cute too, but you probably want to photograph her sans any of your offspring from now on, if you want her to be the focus of the picture. Seriously.

    Amanda! A beagle-coonhound mix? Sweet 🙂

    I was greeted joyfully today by what looked like a coonie-shepherd mix puppy, appx 4-5 months old. All along its spine there was raw, angry flesh visible… I asked what had happened and was told that apparently some guy dribbled acid on the pup before dumping him. @#$%^&!!! The rescue group I got EllieMae from is nursing the puppy back to wholeness. I just had to share this with other dog people tonight because I was and still am SO. ANGRY.

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