Am stuck in appliance hell

Our contractor wants us to put in a separate cooktop and oven (one over the other) rather than a range unit. There’s some justification for this that I do not understand, blah blah countertop flibberty gibberty stabilization grawk grawk form factor, so I am trying to follow orders. Unfortunately, the holy grail of appliances appears to be a 30″ stainless wall oven for under a grand. They just don’t exist and it is grinding my hump like nothing else.

So forgive me… I have the crop/dock post written in my brain but I am surrounded by little slips of paper with notations like “IKEA: 30-in cooktop? Convect. a must?” and “GE lowest wall ov. $1450. BASTARDS.” and “Poss. sell Tabitha for Aga – only if 4 oven model.”


5 thoughts on “Am stuck in appliance hell

  1. I will say that I love my wall oven! I never thought it was necessary until having one. And having the cooktop allows me to have big storage drawers underneath for skillets and pans.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my wall oven and love having my cooktop in my center island with big drawers for pots and stuff underneath. And if you can GO FOR THE CONVECTION OVEN. Love it. Way better cooking, faster. Yes. I love thee convection oven 🙂

  3. since you’re starting fresh in terms of having to rebuild your kitchen, I definitely agree with the rationale of having a separate cooktop and oven… in addition to the reasons already given by others, having your oven on the wall is also more ergonomic for whoever’s cooking. And of course allows you to pick different vendors who may excel at one application but not the other. I would never to choose to have a range if I was building a kitchen from scratch.

    I feel your pain tho, I’m sure I’d be going crazy with the shopping-around process. I wish it could be more fun & less stressful for you.

  4. oh, just thought of something: one of the home improvement/renovation shows I watch suggested that you check around with appliance & home stores in your area, because you can usually save 10-50% on appliances that are out-of-the-box returns (like when people don’t measure right and have to return an item to the store). Maybe you’ll get lucky? You may have to ask about this — Home Depot usually has the stuff in a central location but other stores usually don’t.

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