Quick house and Zuzu update

I have a ton of work that has to get done tonight, so I wanted to give a quick little update.


We have drywall! That’s the big news of the week.

I also had to pick out living room/bedroom flooring and cabinetry this week. The area you see above will be tiled, but we have about 500 square feet that need wood. Our budget is VERY tight, so we bypassed the gorgeous home stores and went straight to Home Depot’s Wall o’ Inexpensive Cabinetry. Ditto for the floors – Lumber Liquidators is my friend.

I was absolutely thrilled to find a real hardwood, very dark, handscraped and distressed (because the dogs are just going to distress it more, so if we can make it look like it’s deliberate it’ll be acceptable for a lot longer), at around $3 a square foot. And to keep the kitchen from killing us we nixed upper cabinets in favor of some open shelving. Since we only had to buy six lower cabinets, we were able to get them for an amount that I’d never exactly call low, but it’s in the realm of (since I think of everything in these terms) three show puppies instead of six or seven show puppies.

So all in all it was a very good day and I’m finally allowing myself to feel like this house is actually going to get finished. PLEASE GOD, FINISHED.

Zuzu (who you may remember was diagnosed with Lyme disease last week) had a very, very hard week. I will be very glad if we never go through six or seven days like that again. She spent most of her time crying and throwing stuff around and asking to be nursed every five seconds. I almost brought her back to the doctor half a dozen times because she just looked so horrible – white as a sheet with huge dark bruises under her eyes. Thankfully, the last day has been a lot better. She’s acted more like herself and has been willing to play with the older kids and has been eating a little more. She’s still very pale and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about her, but when I compare what she looked like four days ago to today, I can see that she’s recovering. Every antibiotic dose is a struggle – she is tired of being fooled by apple juice and yogurt and even Sprite. Yesterday we barely got a single dose (of three) into her. Today we instituted the Antibiotic Circus, where the entire family runs around and yells and claps whenever she takes a sip or a bite of the antibiotic-hider du jour. She was tickled to no end by that, so by expending several hundred calories on clapping and by making our neighbors think we’re absolutely crazy, she got her full treatment in. Since we have two? three? more weeks of amoxicillin to go, I anticipate that we’ll be turned inside out by that point.

In lieu of a picture of her poor little sick self, this is the mei tai collection that I talked about a few weeks ago (you can still see the hooks on the wall, which is one of the only walls still intact after the fire).


Honour took this picture, so I have no idea what was in the foreground, but THAT’S what a mei tai collection looks like. It’s not the drink (though, trust me, seven of those in a row is very tempting). They’re a kind of tie-on baby carrier, and for those of us who are obsessed with such things it is a very happy wall.

(My lovely friends who care about brands: On the far left is a very, very early Kozy hanging over a Maya Wrap, then a solarveil Bamberoo, a homemade newborn MT made from the Scandi pattern, another homemade (Amy Butler?) that was even smaller and shorter, a custom with an embroidered tatsu dragon, and then two more Bamberoos.)

I feel like the fire both figuratively and literally grew us up and weaned us off our “stuff,” in a way that is pretty traumatic but will end up being a blessing. Zuzu has gone from being a babe in arms (or, more often, in mei tai) to being a darting toddler who fights to get down and get away. I watched every item in the house get thrown into a dumpster, and discovered that I didn’t really want any of it back. We’re already editing and shedding the extra stuff that we’ve purchased because we thought we “had” to – clean, empty rooms and play areas are honestly very addicting.

So I won’t be re-filling the mei tai wall, but the hooks will stay – I’m thinking fancy show leads may look really nice there!

7 thoughts on “Quick house and Zuzu update

  1. mmmmm, a SV Bamberoo… and that last one on the right, I only see a smidge of it but I think it’s the Echino dove “blue” fabric that I was supposed to have a MT made out of, but it was not to be. Alas, I loved the fabric so much it’s my Desktop Wallpaper image. Is that an old Maya with padded rails? FINALLY, you post about something that I know a goodly amount about! I’m still sad that you lost your MTs, even tho I know that you lost so much more. Wish I could come over and lend you my stash (as well as help you with the mess); don’t you miss the Zuzu snuggles? I still try to bribe my 5yo to get on my back for a little bit 😛 And I’m wondering if I should bring a MT to Sea World in a few weeks, just in case.

    Celebrating here with you the purchase of the flooring, the savings on the cabinetry, zOMG! the drywall going up, and Zuzu’s improvement in health.

    Hope you get your work done. I’m still trying to figure out when/how you get it all done.

    • Yes, it’s a denim + doves. Brand new; I think I had worn it six or seven times. Alas!

      The maya is ancient, but no padded rails. I think it’s just knotted funny.

      How do I get it done? I don’t. The house typically looks well worn at best and complete disaster at worst, and the last time I made an elaborate meal was Thanksgiving. We just muddle our way through and try to do the things we really love, and not look too hard at the rest.

  2. Seconds to ’empty’ houses being addictive. We undertook a huge addition/renovation and I loved it being very spare. Alas that didn’t last long but it’s still not overfilled and it’s very lived in which has it’s own sort of charm if you squint really hard and ignore the dust. And we just finished a playroom — Oh the revelation and joy that brings me. I just put all the ‘mess’ down there, or at least 89% of the ‘mess’ of toys. I don’t have to get cranky with the kids about picking up — it’s a big out-of-sight mess and I love it.

    Good luck!

    PS — I found your blog during the “fire-Clue gone missing- Clue miraculously found” months. Did you ever tell the tale of the boy who found her? I must have missed it if you did.

    • I didn’t tell the story because I don’t know it. I asked the kennel to get me in touch with the kid and they never did. Once the dust settles and we’re back in the house and I’m not eaten alive by the effort of working, I plan to pursue it harder.

  3. Can’t wait to see your floors, I loooooove the distressed look. We’re getting new wood put in too, in about a month…we got “antique oak”…nice and matte and rough-looking…great minds think alike!

  4. I love the putting costs in terms of puppies. Really, ‘dollars’ are a meaningless unit to most people, but puppies, or nice dinners, or months of tuition… those are things we know the value of.

  5. Poor Zuzu. I am glad that she is getting better, even though it has been so slow for her. I hope the “entertainment” continues to enthrall her so she keeps taking her antibiotics without as much fuss.

    I love the distressed look too. We are in the middle of a refi to remodel our house. I have already picked out my cabinets which are distressed as well. 🙂

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