Good vets in Charlotte (NC) area, anyone?

A fellow Cardigan-slave is looking for a new vet after a rather unpleasant experience at her current one. Any suggestions? My personal preference is always for a repro specialist because they can handle the breeding stuff and puppy checkups, but the main concerns are 1) doesn’t freak out about feeding raw or limiting vaccines (owner is happy to vaccinate but wants to follow the Schultz or Dodds conservative schedule) and 2) the office is relatively kid-friendly or at least won’t shoot her dirty looks if she brings her kids in.

Wow, can I relate to this last one. My lovely vet’s staff has taken pity on me many times and let me go into the exam room early, as I am trying to control one or more dogs as Tabitha re-arranges all the business cards in the entire Wall of Referrals and Zuzu does her best to bodily leap on every dog and cat and ferret and newt that are brought into the waiting room.


9 thoughts on “Good vets in Charlotte (NC) area, anyone?

  1. I sympathize on the kid problem. I usually beg my sister in law to watch mine when I have to go to the vet, because nothing sounds like less fun than wrangling the kids and dogs at the same time… 🙂 But the times that I have gone, the office has been great about it at least.

  2. It’s me about whom Joanna is writing. Thanks Joanna. I’m still fuming about the situation. (Basically vet thinks that because my kids are typically bouncing off walls, and because I didn’t realize that Maizey was sick, I’m a negligent dog owner. However, she doesn’t want to educate me, she just wants to pass me off to another vet in the practice. And THAT is what really pisses me off. Say I were legitimately neglecting Maizey; she doesn’t want to help me, she just wants to ignore it and keep taking my money via other vets. No thanks!) It was Atrium Animal Hospital. I’m thinking about Commonwealth Animal Hospital now; several of my AP/NL friends (whose children also bounce off walls) take their animals there.

  3. And I will try in the future to leave my kids home, but four kids and no extended family = paying $10/hour to a sitter along with the vet bill. Siiiiiiigh.

  4. Erika, Commonwealth is, I believe, who a friend from elementary school, who now lives in Charlotte uses. 😛 I have no idea how happy they are with them (they can’t be TOO unhappy or he would have been whiny, he’s that kind of person), but the name sounds right. He’s only got cats though.

  5. Dr Jane Barber is in Moorseville, NC, north of Charlotte by about 25 mins. She is a repro vet, very nice and very good vet.
    She works at Randall Animal Hosp and is having her own Hosp built right now up there. Dr Jane does regular vet work as well.
    As far as vets in Charlotte, mobile vet Dr Mike Thomann is very good. Southpark animal clinic is also a nice one.

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