Pet puppies available at Pecan Valley

I know that Kate is still getting pet puppy inquiries and I don’t know about Jeri and Le’o but given how gorgeous those puppies are they’ll have those litters sold three times over, so for those of you jonesing for a well-bred companion Cardigan…

I just got off the phone with Betty Ann, Clue’s and Bronte’s breeder (who, hello, needs to get a blog), and she has three pet puppies available. I think all three are from her Amber (Ch. Pecan Valley Amber Forever) and Thief (Ch. Pecan Valley Grand Larceny, a Fudge son) litter. Thief is Bronte’s father. There are a couple of brindle and white fluff girls and a non-coated brindle girl, all pet/companion. Betty Ann is wonderful to deal with and does ship puppies out of Little Rock as long as the temperature is low enough or you can find a flight on Southwest.

Usual disclaimers apply – I haven’t seen this litter or the puppies – but both puppies I’ve bought from her have been wonderful. Feel free to e-mail me for more information.


5 thoughts on “Pet puppies available at Pecan Valley

  1. hey, totally unrelated to the Cardi puppies (though I agree that Betty Ann needs to get a blog so the rest of us can drool over the pups) but htis was the easiest way to get your attention since I don’t have your email, I don’t Tweet, and I don’t think you’re on Facebook (if you are, pls friend me?). There’s a young man on FB who lives in SE Kansas and bought a female Treeing Walker in March as a companion dog, only to have her whelp in May (surprise!). He can’t keep the four puppies and I’m trying to hook him up with some sort of rescue group; I was hoping you’d know of someone? I just got off the phone with the rescue I got my Ellie from, and even if she could find the money for transport from KS to San Diego, she’s at capacity right now — she’d asked me to help move some dogs from Phoenix to her, and that’s now going to have to wait because she just got a litter of pups that have to be bottle-fed 😦 So anyway, do you know of anyone and/or could you help me find a way (with your dog world connections) to get those Treeing Walker *adorable* puppies from ending up as another sad story?

    Here’s the link to the FB page, not sure if you can see it:

    • Unfortunately, coonhounds are perhaps the most common breed group in the US – even more than the pit and bully dogs. So finding a rescue that’s not completely full can be problematic. If it is a well-bred dog, he can go to the local good breeders for help, but it sounds like it’s probably not a particularly well-bred dog.

      Honestly, I’ve never seen anyone have trouble “getting rid of” puppies. The issue is putting enough conditions on a placement that the puppies are safe. He can find homes himself, but he should ask for a refundable adoption fee. Something like $100, and the new owner gets it back when the dog is spayed or neutered. Or he can find a low-cost spay/neuter and have the new owners cover that amount and actually pick the dog up from the vet’s office.

  2. I can second that endorsement, Joanna.

    My Gracie’s sire is one of Betty Ann’s dogs – Flash (Pecan Valley’s Stoplight), and Gracie (now 4 1/2) is just a delight. Not only is she a beautiful blue merle, but her temperment is absolutely wonderful.

    We have kids in the neighborhood who ring the bell & ask if she can come out to play. And she loves the little ones, too. Actually, she loves everyone – even the mailman. But he bribes her with a milk bone every day (haha).

    She has tons of dog buddies, as well – kids or dogs; every day is a play date in our yard.

    One downside, tho’. She is a major bed hog. Especially the pillows. So consider yourself warned. 🙂

    Wish I was in a position to get a second corgi. I would have loved one of Kate’s boys – especially Alphonse/Digby.

    • thank you Kathy! And so funny to read your group’s name because I got my Ellie from Four Paws Coonhound Rescue 🙂

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