The basement dog-a-palooza begins to take shape

Before today, I couldn’t take a “before” picture of the basement, because it was not so much a “before” as it was “a giant pile of garbage.”

A whole ton of stuff had been thrown down there after the fire, and construction debris was down there too. And it had been the junk depository since we moved into the house. Most of the big stuff had been thrown out before today, but we finally got the whole rough-in clean done. So I am finally willing to show my somewhat-less-icky junk room to the critical eyes of the Internets.

The basement is divided into a large room under most of the house and a small room that’s under the master bedroom. The smaller room will become the real dog room, but, as Scarlett O’Hara said, WITH GOD AS MY WITNESS THE BASEMENT WILL NEVER LOOK THAT BAD AGAIN. So we’re giving the larger room a purpose too, for grooming and (organized – BY GOD, ORGANIZED) storage of all the dog stuff that otherwise multiplies and lives in nooks and crannies all over the house.



So that’s the big room. If you turn to the right as you face the laundry chute (WOOO HOOO! I have a LAUNDRY CHUTE!), you will see the dog room.


Now before anyone freaks out, the dogs are never going to be anything but house dogs. I feel pretty strongly about that. But I have also learned, in no small part because of this fire experience, that having a safe, comfortable, SAFE, easy, SAFE DID I MENTION SAFE place to put the dogs when I am not able to supervise them is really crucial. This area of the basement is warm in the winter, cool in the summer (cooler than any place upstairs!) and has simple access to the big dog yard. It replaces the crates upstairs, it allows me to immediately and without any hesitation take back any of the Danes that could come back to me for any reason, and it will really help with the rescue efforts that are so near and dear to my heart. I’ll be able to easily separate and quarantine if necessary, and if family or friends need a quick overnight or weekend dog solution I can provide that.

There will be room for a total of ten dogs down here (six permanent kennels, four crates) in an emergency; if we ever actually have that many permanent residents I will need to find a new husband.

I am still looking for a maker for the small kennel doors; the 4′ walls will be AKC Pro Kennels because I can get them cheap down at the PetEdge warehouse. The 3′ doors I have not found a good solution for. I want a door that doesn’t need to open out, because the middle of the room is community play and I don’t want four doors sticking out into it. But 3′ kennel doors with guillotine openings? I have not yet found any such things. Anybody have any ideas?

Also, can you tell how excited I am about this? You don’t even know how long I’ve wanted this and how much this will improve my ability to raise the dogs and rehab rescues the way I want to. SO EXCITED AM I.


9 thoughts on “The basement dog-a-palooza begins to take shape

  1. love it! VERY excited for you and your new basement space + dog room. LMAO at having to find a new husband if you have too many dogs in permanent residence… mine was actually happy today when I told him that if our TTC efforts continue to fail after 6 more months, I’ll settle for a puppy. Men! Speaking of which, Happy Father’s Day to Doug!!!

    I’ll be hoping you find those doors for your kennels. And probably jotting down the source for future use.

  2. Nice! I have no suggestions on how to improve on your plans, This seems like a reasonable place to put my grooming related question though.

    I found a set of quality clippers at a yard sale that I got them to toss in for free. I know they need a new set of blades, but they probably also need some general maintenance from clearly being neglected for years. The only reliable clipper repair guy in town retired – any suggestions for how to learn to do this myself, since that seems to be my destiny?


  3. I am totally envious. Someday I would love to have indoor kennels for my dogs. Since I insist upon living with dogs who cannot be left alone together unsupervised, I’d love to be able to give them large runs to chill in instead of just crates. Someday, someday.

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