Museum of Science, Boston (yay!)

I know you feed your dogs bones, but this is ridiculous!


My amazing friend, Mel, who works at the museum, got us some passes and we went today! Let me tell you what a huge gift that is, because it would have cost us $200 just in admissions.


I grew up here, so I’ve been to the museum many times (Doug actually worked there for a short time).  But it had been probably ten years since I’d gone, and so much had changed.

One of the wonderful new treats is a butterfly garden that has replaced the old greenhouse. The greenhouse used to be the quietest corner of the museum; I’d go up there and enjoy the heat and the stillness during the winter that Doug worked at the MOS. There were rarely any guests up there at all.

The new butterfly garden has dramatically changed that. It’s now one of the most active and certainly stunning exhibits at the museum and we had an amazing half-hour in there.


One more shot of the museum’s prize possession, a complete triceratops skeleton (named, of course, Cliff):


And you can’t leave without a taste of Bronte, who was ticked off to be left at home.


5 thoughts on “Museum of Science, Boston (yay!)

  1. Makes me want to go! I havent been in a while but have experienced the butterfly room. Beautiful.
    And so is Bronte!

  2. Oh that butterfly room looks awesome. Charlie would flip out over that! There’s a butterfly garden locally and she loves it.

    We went to the big mama, the Nat History museum in New York last month. Wow, wow, and more wow. Just fascinating stuff.

  3. thanks for the pics, Ian loved them! You’re making me want to move back to the East Coast… bad, BAD Joanna!!! 😉

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