Bronte update 6-12

Bronte is now well into her Lyme/anaplasmosis treatment and I am noticing some wonderful benefits. She is very happy, is jumping up and down off beds and couches with abandon, and and she’s eating very well. She’s wrestling constantly with Clue. In the whole I’m thrilled. She is starting to act like herself. Having said that, I am still concerned that there’s some permanent damage – she just LOOKS different. She’s stiffer all over; carries herself oddly. I honestly think a vet would say the symptoms had been resolved, but I can see changes.

I haven’t made a decision about ever breeding her again. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that I have decided, multiple times a day, back and forth. I will take her out in the morning and she’ll look like CRAP and I’ll be ready to call and make her spay appointment and then a few hours later I’ll say “Oh, wow, you’re moving those stifles MUCH better right now” and start to think about how gorgeous the GoGo puppies are. If I had to be pinned down, honestly I feel more comfortable with the thought of her being done and spayed. At that point she may stay with me and do some tracking training or I’ve got a couple of possible homes with people who adore her. She really is such a GOOD girl, loving and quiet and silly and super obedient, that everyone falls in love with her.

The best-case scenario is that once she’s getting tons of exercise again the inflammation-related changes in the joints will resolve and she’ll look 100% better, and I get her out and finish her fast. And in that case you may see me making totally different decisions with her. But right now she’s coming out of being pretty dang sick and I want her to have the best possible chance at a long and stress-free life.


10 thoughts on “Bronte update 6-12

  1. No, Emily, you’re right. She was going to stay with Kate. But when we realized that she was not likely to be able to be bred again, that changed. If she makes a miraculous recovery, she probably will end up back with Kate, because that transfer was definitely with no strings attached, but since at this point she’s not a brood bitch I wanted to bring her home. Kate has offered many times to keep her no matter what; keeping her here was 100% my decision. Bronte had the TIME OF HER LIFE while she was there, but if this health stuff keeps flaring I want her in my house and straining MY credit card, not anyone else’s.

  2. it melts my heart how wonderful you are to animals. I too was confused as to why Brontosaurus was back with you, I thought maybe it was because you were nursing her back to health while Kate was busy with the remaining puppies… now it’s clear. ::HUGS::

    Is Bronte taking the Ramard Joint Care supplement too? Just curious.

  3. Trust me, they do a lot more for me than I do for them.

    I am, very admittedly, obsessive about the dogs. When one is not doing well I want them in the same room with me so I can stare at them for hours at a time.

    And, seriously, you don’t know how easy Bronte is to live with. It’s the opposite of difficult to have her. She’s an absolute dear, loves people, loves kids, loves other dogs. Aside from the fact that she is a pretty big barker (and in the apartment where she can’t hear or see anyone this is very minimized) she’s got to be the most effortless dog in the world.

  4. Oh, and yes, she is now on the joint supplement. I doubled the dose for the first week and then backed her off to the 1/10 scoop I normally give.

  5. Wow barking is minimized in an apartment? In Brady’s case, it was maximized…he could hear enough stuff to drive him CRAZY and he responded by driving us all CRAZY. And he was only there for a week, we lived there for 3 months while Jack was born and stayed at my in-laws. For that exact reason. Lizzie was the only one who stayed with us.

    I hope she keeps getting better!

  6. I will echo how laid back and wonderful Bronte is. Anyone who saw me flip her over and reach into her to try to pull out her last puppy – by myself, with no one to restrain her – can tell you about that.

  7. Ok good! Sometimes I can be sooooo dense, and I’m all “Wait, did I miss something?” heehee I’ve not had much brain this month, but I didn’t think I was that dense. I’m glad I just missed it! *G*

    I really hope she makes a full recovery. Having been the PERFECT mother, I think all us prospective breeders still want to borrow her too šŸ˜‰

    *hugs* to both of you. I don’t know much about lyme, but I know it’s bad. Hopefully this case, ends up being not so bad!

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