A Nigerian warlord tried to sell me a puppy!

Check it:


Hello ,

How are you today,My name is Tina Marry,I am a consultant gynecologist

surgeon and oncologist doctor,I work for different prominent hospital and me

and my husband are giving out this little puppy for free (Adoption),This

little girl weighs 1.3Lbs at 9 weeks old & should be 3Lbs when full grown

only.She is very friendly with children she fit in both Palm of your

hands.She is AKC/CERF registered puppy .Adorable and sociable with great


and very good bloodlines.she is vet-checked, up to date on shots and

deforming, and are health is guaranteed.Recently checked by a licensed Vet

Doctor for heart, knees, skin, correct bite, and eyes.Bottom and straight

sides and tender,she is A.K.C and CERF registered and shots are given up to

date.She will come along with Travel crate,AKC/CERF Registered Papers,Toys

and Food and Birth Certificate ,I resided in the state with my husband but


my son’s death me and my husband moved to Africa due to our work and we have

the puppy right here with us.The Yorkie puppy will become new member of your

family, she is sweet and you will continue to love, we really don’t have

much time to take care of her any more and that’s the reason why we are

giving her

for free.You have to promise me that you will take good care of her as she

will be a New family member, please if you are not going to take good care


the puppy, do not reply but if you are going to take good care of her kindly

reply for more details about her.I await your urgent Response.



In case you’re wondering, this is indeed a variation on the Nigerian scam and if you get a similar e-mail or comment you should ignore it. If you respond, you will be asked to send money for shipping and duties and so on and the puppy will never arrive.

But how awesome is it that she’s up to date on her deforming?


One thought on “A Nigerian warlord tried to sell me a puppy!

  1. Aww! How SWEET of them! So nice of them to share their imaginary puppy with you. I always love those giving hearts, always out to give, rather than receive ;0P

    And, since when did CERF become a puppy registry? heehee

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