Bronte update 6-4

The vet called and her blood values are normal-ish with not very much effect on the platelets (thank God) and she ate a really good supper for the first time in a long time. 

I have been hand-feeding her, so she’s been gaining weight well, but it was great to have her clean her bowl on her own. 

She’s been very snuggly and happy today. 

All of which has made me feel a lot less worried and a lot happier. Hopefully the medication will really kick in over the next week and she’ll begin to feel like herself again. Clue would like that too; she’s missed her wrestling buddy. 

And… house update! [Trumpet flourish!] Behold the dining room/kitchen area (this is what you see when you come in the front door; the other half of the first floor is the living room and bathroom).



3 thoughts on “Bronte update 6-4

  1. I want to know about the MTs too, of course. It seems ridiculous, given *everything* you’ve lost, but the thought of all your MTs going up in smoke made me so profoundly sad… do you have anything to wear Zuzu in, post-fire???

  2. Yes, I really did have 8 – well, one maya wrap, 4 Bamberoos, a custom, and two I made myself. They’re all gone, but it’s been fine. Zuzu is incredibly independent now and honestly prefers her stroller when she’s not being physically carried (which is a LOT, of course). The MTs were getting their heaviest use when we went geocaching, but we put that on hold while we were so displaced.

    I’ll re-build, don’t worry. I already have some fabric and I’ll stalk Bamberoo once we’re back in the house.

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