Bronte’s supper

Grass-fed beef
Orijen grain-free kibble
Sojos veggies and vitamins
Salmon oil
Joint supplement
Sea meal kelp
… And 150 mg of doxycycline.




4 thoughts on “Bronte’s supper

  1. Curious…I thought it wasn’t a good idea to mix raw and kibble in the same meal…something about the different rates of digestion and causing stomach upset?

  2. It’s absolutely true that you should not mix conventional kibble (with grains) and conventional raw (with bones). The stomach needs to get the meat and bones digested and out as fast as possible so the meat-borne pathogens like salmonella have no chance to grow and cause stomach issues.

    Bronte’s allowed to break the rules, in part because it’s just hamburger – no bones – and because Orijen is grain-free. The biggest reason why I did it, though, is because she has been eating so reluctantly and this mixture is (for whatever reason) more appetizing. If she’ll eat it, I’ll make it.

    She didn’t finish this for supper, but she managed to pick at it for a while and eat the whole thing eventually. That’s another rule (never leave food out) that I will break for a sick dog. It’s all about common sense – calories are king right now, so everything else bows to that. Once she’s feeling better and I’m happy with her weight (probably another 2-3 lb), I’ll get tougher again.

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