Last leg of the trip

After a few hours of sleep we’re getting ready to head south from Vermont to MA. Traffic is going to be horrible, so we will be home sometime tonight.

The puppies are doing beautifully – they made the horrible trip yesterday with surprising ease (Zuzu was a lot more of a challenge than they were) and they are very, very happily running and playing here. This has definitely been a “trial by fire” for them in terms of kid-safety, since they all of a sudden have six kids (my four and their cousins) in their faces every second. They’ve been absolutely wonderful.

As much as I have hated all the driving, getting to know the puppies better has been a real treat. Stella is a pretty pretty princess and she knows it. She bounces everywhere and barks at everything, but she thinks about it – she sounded the alarm an hour ago when Zuzu tried to wander off the lawn into the woods. She’s constantly head-up tail-up watching watching watching, of course when she’s not biting my shoes and licking everyone’s toes.

Scout is SUPERB with other dogs. She has actually made Ginny unbend enough to play with her. We always know where Scout is – rolling around and having a great time with one of the adult dogs. She reminds me a lot of Bronte in that way – B has always just adored other dogs. Scout is the first to learn a new skill; immediately figured out drinking from a sports bottle (which is how I watered six dogs for the 14-hour trip to VT), the first to figure out the new doors, etc.

Fergus is just melt-in-your-mouth sweet. The kids LOVE him. His face is SO pretty that you can’t stop looking at him. He’s full of fun and he is completely willing to go along with everything we do. Very relaxed about all the changes. Very typical boy in that he looked at that sports bottle and went “Ummm… that makes no sense to me and therefore I will think very hard about how it does not exist.” And of course I caved and ended up watering him out of my palm for the whole ride :D.

Susan, Nancy, and Stephen (i.e., their new owners): does Tuesday after lunch work for you to come get them? I realized that because I’m just delivering them and Kate had all the hard work of interviewing and going over the contract and whatnot, I don’t need to do my usual schedule-each-person-at-least-two-hours thing. Any time you’d like to come by after lunch would be fine. Let me know if you need directions again.

They are just GREAT puppies. I will be proud to hand them off and know they’ll do very well in their new lives.


8 thoughts on “Last leg of the trip

  1. Hi Joanna,
    We will be there sometime in the afternoon. : )!
    Are we driving to the same location where we met you before?
    Will you be able to do Stella’s ears like Pedey’s?

  2. I will show you how to do ears. I do them a little differently than Kate does but I think we can get them up just fine. Yes, the apartment is the right location – we won’t be at our house until September sometime.

  3. Afternoon works perfect for us, depending on traffic I will call and let you about what time but would say around 3. THANK YOU so much for the updates, they are great!!! Can’t wait til tomorrow.

  4. You may have to email or call Stephen. He has WebTV and it is occasionally challenged.

    Stella is on springs. Did I mention that?

    You captured their personalities very well. You start to lose sight after looking at them for eight weeks.

  5. How was Bronte when you got home? Is she excited to be back with Clue & Ginny? How about Clue – is she happy to have her friend back home again? And how did Clue & Ginny respond to the pups?

  6. I put her in my bedroom while Stella left so she wouldn’t see her go. I think that was a good idea.

    Clue adored the puppies and would have been happy if they stayed forever. Ginny thought it was all terribly beneath her. Bronte is going to get a lot of love this evening and we will see if we can perk her up. She is such a loving mother and she was crazy in love with golem. So the change threw her, but she did jump on the couch today and roll over and snooze so that is a good sign. Never let it be said that cardis are not very smart and sensitive.

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