Just dropped Erika off

Erika is a friend from my life before blogging. She came out from NC to see the puppies and I am just squidgly with happiness that she took home the “h” (Hermione) puppy, now to be named Maizey. She may have a life as a show dog, depending on how she looks in a few months.

I have now had my hands on all the babies and am pleased as punch with them. Temperaments are even, happy, and social; a credit to kate and their breed. Stella is indeed gorgeous and I do mean gorgeous. Dexter is without a doubt pick boy. I really like maizey and ella and think Kate is doing the right thing as she strategizes where to place them.

Alphonse: many things I like about him and he is perfectly suited to his new home as a companion. F is very handsome and incredibly loving. G is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen–her coloring in person is just stunning. But definitely the right puppies got picked as show. Not an ugly mug in the bunch, though. 😉

I’m going back to kate’s house now and will post more later.

4 thoughts on “Just dropped Erika off

  1. Poor Joanna and Doug have reached “Zomie” level tired. Driving that far with an 18 month old is no picnic. Send lots of positive energy and words their way, as they’ll soon be headed the long way back.

  2. I cant imagine it. And what a car full on the way home. A picture of that would be something to see. Safe journey!

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