The whirlwind trip begins

Wednesday (today) we clean the apartment and go shopping for some clothes for the weekend.

Remember how I said that we’d been living on donations and hand-me-downs? Well, that really is true. And people donating womens clothing have either assumed that I am Desperate Housewives thin (ha ha ha HA HA HA) or built like Paul Prudhomme (thankfully not quite, not yet). So I’ve been living on three pairs of pants (one jeans, one velvet formal pants – hilarious when worn to Target with one of Doug’s t-shirts, and a pair of purple pajama pants). For serious.  Before we go out to Kate’s I need to get at least a couple of pairs of jeans and some shirts that don’t say “I Love Nascar” (I don’t) or “I’m with stupid!” (sometimes true, but not something I like to advertise).

I head out to Kate’s on Thursday night. I’ll be posting from there, probably just pictures and very short updates from my phone. I’m back Monday night with Bronte and three (count ’em, THREE) puppies. Puppies leave for new homes Tuesday or Wednesday. We pray for construction money to hit during that week. We head up to Vermont for a long weekend (we’re paying back my brother in law and his wife for babysitting while we’re in NY) on that Friday, back here on the following Tuesday, and from there the blog will be (I hope!) 110% house and Bronte updates for the next few months.

I am exhausted already.


4 thoughts on “The whirlwind trip begins

  1. I hope you have fun shopping and find some perfect, comfy jeans. (my favorite, daily attire!) I’ve been reading all the above posts regarding puppy care and appreciate your input and guidance. But as I got to this listing with your description of what you’ve been wearing or have received as clothing donations I just cracked up! Joanna, you are so funny. Especially the T-shirt descriptions! And I’m happy to hear you dont “love nascar”.
    Safe journey to you, the family and all the dogs. Cant wait to wrap my arms around that fluffy Stella!

  2. Which puppies are you bringing back..
    Good luck! (would be longer but I just got out of the hospital after three days… darned gall bladder)

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