New project: Puppy Handbook

I outgrew the “stickies” page months ago and haven’t been able to keep up with it in any way. When I started this blog I didn’t think I’d be writing every day, so updating it once a week or so seemed doable. I was totally wrong – just making sure that posts get into the right categories has been crazy impossible. I am always writing in and amongst the chaos of kids and work (I have to edit at least 150 pages a week or we don’t buy groceries, so sometimes I’m literally writing a sentence, editing a page, writing a paragraph, going back to the book or document, etc.), so keeping things organized is basically a fools errand. 

So I am going to revamp that page and turn it into a puppy handbook, so I have a place to send puppy buyers where articles are organized and more or less finished. I have a whole bunch already, but I’ll be adding short how-tos in this blog and then shoving them over into the handbook. Look for a peppering of little articles here over the next couple of days.


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