For Stacy: Perfect Pedey

This isn’t just for Stacy, of course – this is for everybody who hasn’t seen this very lovely puppy featured.

When the litter was born, Kate asked for a “C” name for a boy, and I told her to name him Corin, who in C.S. Lewis’ lovely The Horse and His Boy grows up to be called “Corin Thunderfist.” I thought it might bring him some good luck.

Corin has been lost in the pack a little bit, not because Kate hasn’t been loving him but just because he very quickly had a home that Kate was super happy about and we were all holding our breaths for the pick puppy announcements. So he didn’t get pimped as much as some of the others. His name became Pedey several weeks ago, after Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox (yes, THANK YOU, great name). 

I haven’t seen much of him either, so I was really wowed today when I got these pictures.

Stacy, this is a VERY NICE PUPPY. 

perfect pedey

He has REALLY changed in the last few weeks and I am very pleased abut him. We’re not going to pressure you to groom him and show him, because (I don’t know if you can even see the difference) he’s got a bit of a shorter neck than, say, Stella. See how it sort of goes out-and-up instead of up-and-out? It’s a VERY subtle difference and it’s not going to mean a thing when it comes to whether he can run or herd sheep or do agility or just about anything you’d ever want him to do. And, honestly, in this pedigree the neck/shoulder is one of the things that tends to change a lot as they grow, so we could very well be kicking ourselves when we see him when he’s a couple years old!

I really like his topline and how he’s just a little bit “uphill” – even though his feet are exactly even, his shoulders are just a teensy bit higher than his hips. We don’t want a Cardigan to have a sloping topline, but a dog who is “uphill” tends to look gorgeous when stacked and also works better biomechanically – you want more mass in the front/shoulder to reach forward and grab the ground, and then the powerhouse rear to propel the dog up over the area the front feet are leaving. So I really like this about him.

Where he is absolutely outstanding is when you look at the bottom half of him. This boy has some SHORT little perfectly gorgeous Cardigan legs, the kind we really work hard to get.

If I draw a line on him marking about the midpoint of his body, where his breastbone (what we call the prosternum) is, you can see what I mean.

pedey drawn on

See how his hocks – his heels, basically – are WAY down below that line? That’s what we call a “very well-let-down hock” and it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO GET in this breed. Seriously. When I saw this picture I almost told Kate to hide him and not let you take him. 

Now let’s look at his front:


pedey front

See how tiny, short, and THICK those front legs are? And see how the two middle toes barely come out in front of the two side toes?

WOWZA. And may I also add HUBBA HUBBA.

So… Sorry, Stacy, for not pushing your boy into the spotlight a little more. We both really love a bunch of things about him, and in some things he is quite honestly the best puppy in the litter. And Kate says he is the NICEST puppy in the world. She calls him “cute on wheels,” and from what I understand he did nothing but show off that gorgeous temperament to everyone over the weekend. 

You’re one of the ones I will be eagerly looking for updates from, to see if he grows up with the same strengths we see him showing now. I can definitely say that naming him Corin Thunderfist was a good omen for those big meaty paws of his, and I think you’re going to have a dog that you can be super proud of in every way.


3 thoughts on “For Stacy: Perfect Pedey

  1. Yourcomments on Pedey’s conformation are so helpful. The line drawing in the picture helps me understand what I should be looking for. I am always amazed that even at this early stage breeders can already make good decisions about how these puppies are going to turn out physically. I just think they are all adorable, and I can’t tell much about them with the exception of a mismark………

  2. A BIG THANK YOU! He is absolutely the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!
    We are all counting down the days until Pedey comes to live with us (especially my boys). He is signed up for “puppy classes” but he can’t start until July because he has to be at least 12 weeks old. I know he is going to be the best puppy and everyone will be jealous! 😉
    We’ve been buying, and reading, and I think we are ready for his homecoming. I will keep everyone updated with pictures and information. I think he will be one of the happiest, move loved dogs (of course, I am biased).
    thanks again for the post!

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