A glint of good news…

Dumpsters arrive at the house of fire on Wednesday.

That means tomorrow I spend all day over there seeing if there are any items of sentimental value that should be saved (answer: no, or very very few) and tagging different things for immediate disposal versus “put in a pile and wait.” Because our contents money has not yet gotten final approval yet, the construction debris (carpet, wall, insulation, etc.) can be tossed but any items that we owned need to be dumpstered and then kept in the yard until we get final approval. Evidently at the last possible second they can still say “Hey, that family owns more computers than any humans should, and therefore we conclude they are lying,” and we will need to have somebody go dumpster-dive and prove that, no, we really did have seven CPUs and a laptop. Or whatever. Fill in the blank with anything else that would flag as being unusual, for example the five grand in dog stuff that we reported and that was actually only about half of what should have gone on there but I didn’t want our poor insurance guy to have to prove that this slicker brush cost $60 and this one cost $45, etc. 

This is what we have outside right now – this is the pile that’s been there since December:


This pile is all the crap that got thrown out of the house RIGHT after the fire. It was then loosely covered with plastic and everybody walked away. Five months later, we can begin to throw it away. This is about two big dumpsters’ worth; we will pull out another two or three dumpsters of debris and trash from the interior of the house. 

At least it’s finally starting.

All good news must be punished, however, so I woke up this morning to two feverish kids with runny noses. Meri just feels crummy but is fine; Zuzu has gotten worse through the day. Right now Advil isn’t touching the fever and she feels totally punk. I sent Doug out for the usual supplies – after this many years of kids, at this point I just say “you know, the sick kid stuff,” and he comes home with ginger ale and soup and a fresh supply of fever medications and fruit and rice and a coloring book or two. So she’s as happy as she has the ability to be, making marks on paper and munching on blueberries.

I suppose it’s good to get the sickness now – get them all over it before we leave this weekend.

Room planning update: So far I have the Tabitha/Zuzu room done; it will look approximately like this:

But not quite so blue/green. We’ll do orange or light pink on the accent wall and some of the smaller furniture pieces will be pink instead of blue, and curtains and bedding will be different. But the beds and dressers and table and stools and hanging chairs will be pretty much identical to this. She saw this room in the IKEA store and LOVED it. I can do the whole thing for around a grand, which is a frigging MIRACLE when you realize that we have zero in that room and need to completely furnish it for two kids. 

This is the one in the IKEA store… notice Tabitha trying out the bed.



IKEA also had it set up in pink… which is how I know I will NOT be doing it in pink.


Seriously, this is with my phone that washes out color so much. This room made my head vibrate.


4 thoughts on “A glint of good news…

  1. The blue is awesome!

    I picked up a box of the Ikea laminate flooring to test out and it held up REALLY well. I ended up going with lineo for the house because of my tendency to overflow the bathtub on a fairly regular basis, but I wish I’d gone with the laminate.

  2. It’s been a slog for you all. I hope that the reconstruction goes quickly and easily and that you are settled before you know .

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