Finally a real stack!


I could just eat her with a spoon. 

I think I like this “Kate whelps the puppies” thing – I get to just swoon over them and don’t have to be so critical about them! She can supposedly move like whoa and heck, so I am counting the hours till I get out there and get to chase her (and all of them) around.


4 thoughts on “Stella!

  1. The funny thing about Stella! (and I was thinking this on the long, LONG drive home, and you always seem to read my mind) is that it is pretty much mandatory that there be a ! at the end of Stella!’s. Susan should consider spelling it that way, so that people are PREPARED for Stella!’s whipped-cream on springs self.

    She doesn’t walk. She doesn’t hop. She glides and she SPRING SPRING SPRINGS. Just wait – you’ll see.

    I think I was put on the earth to raise puppies. Though – yes – you might want to ask me that again after I have a litter whelping/raising experience that isn’t PERFECT like this one has been. 😉

  2. I must say I am getting quite ravenous for this puppy.
    She looks SO sweet. Cant wait until next Tuesday!!!

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