Third round of evals

I was able to personally talk with the evaluator this time (Nancy Willoughby, who is SO FREAKING NICE). The final rankings are still up in the air and I want Kate to let people know in her own time, but she liked an overlapping bunch of puppies with a few surprises :D. I had such a lovely time talking with her and she thought the litter was nice overall, so I can’t stop smiling.

The official temperament testing was done today, with wonderful results. Not a single one that she thought would be a problem, and some with nearly perfect scores. Every single one of them loved people and was thrilled to be picked up and wagged and kissed. One more reason – the BEST reason – for me to have a permanent grin on my face.


6 thoughts on “Third round of evals

  1. Hooray! I’m getting so excited to meet Maizey in person. (You and Kate are secondary. After all the other dogs, too. So you’re like, twelth-ary. :))

  2. WHEN can Kate tell us ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not that I’m excited or anything. I am so attached to these guys and I’m not even getting one!!!

    • Me too! It’s funny, corgis aren’t even a breed that’d be high on my list of dogs I’d want, but I’ve LOVED looking at this litter and watching them grow up.

  3. When I talked to Kate, the first thing she said was “My brain is absolute pudding.” So I don’t want to blurt out stuff that she may want to keep under her hat a little bit. We’re getting to the point that she needs to make real decisions and ask certain puppy buyers to take certain dogs for-sure-and-once-and-all (rather than “I really think you’ll be taking XXX”). I know Susan’s taking Stella for sure, but many of the others are waiting for the evals to be over. I don’t want to jump the gun before Kate’s had a chance to get home and SLEEP, then think and talk and look at them.

    Once I get out there we’ll be talking very hard about which puppies we’re going to ask buyers to keep intact for a few months so we can see what they grow into (once Cardis are neutered or spayed they don’t keep the same growth patterns, so it’s really important to evaluate them intact), but I’m not getting in Kate’s way about actual placements or who she keeps. Kate has done nothing but awesome with this litter, and I trust her instincts.

  4. SLEEP…

    I slept for a couple of hours at an Ohio rest area, in the back of the Mazda with 8 puppies piled on top of me.

    I will sleep and then begin the arduous postings. I have tons of corgi porn. ๐Ÿ™‚ And lots of info.

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