Happy birthday, little dudes

To Bramble (and Pixie, and their four siblings scattered over the country, and (in heaven) Bastoche): a very happy birthday. May there be many more of happiness and craziness.



3 thoughts on “Happy birthday, little dudes

  1. Joanna, I’ve finally found you again (fan from MDC and MD) and I can’t believe it’s a whole year since these guys were born. I followed the story from birth to adoption. It’s such a heartwarming story.

  2. Hope the rest of the pack are doing well
    We’ve had Trixie about 9 months now. A small dog with a LOT of personality 🙂 and a taste for shoes….and digging….and making kids laugh…and playing catch….and sleeping in laps….and all the rest.

  3. Gizmo & Clark are doing great. My brother is actually dog sitting for Clark this week and I am going to go see him tomorrow.

    I hav’nt had word from the other 2 in many months so I stopped asking. I have every reason to think they are doing well though.

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