Stealing Kate’s thunder

She just called me from Kennebec Cardigans (where she’s with Bob Caldwell and was surprised by the folks from Beaszak/Beaguile Cardigans). The consensus is the same – Stella is the top bitch pick, Dexter the top boy, and Hermione/whatever Kate’s calling her this week is #2 bitch. I’ll let Kate tell you her decisions (I honestly don’t know; I think she’s waiting to hear from Nancy W. tomorrow), but I encouraged her to grow Hermione on at least until she knows what she’s going to get from Bronte’s next litter (to whomever Kate chooses). I am usually firmly in the camp of “Keep the one best one,” but when that’s a merle boy and you’ve already got a merle boy at home, and you’ve only got one breeding bitch, you can get yourself in a corner. If you don’t end up with possibilities in the next litter (if the bitch ends up needing a spay or there are only boys in the next litter or whatever), you are all of a sudden out of the breeding business and have to go buy a bitch puppy.

This has all been VERY exciting. I am glad that everybody has thought we got at least a couple of really good puppies in this litter – many times you don’t even get one. 

It sounds like they are having a RIOT down there – I could barely hear Kate for all the laughter. Soooooo envious am I!

Oh, and I forgot to ask her if there’s any kind of final word on tan/brindle points. I just hope she made them show her how to find testicles 😀 !


15 thoughts on “Stealing Kate’s thunder

  1. I’ve been watching all of this with great curiosity, and had a question — why is keeping Stella completely off the table? Is it because she’s a fluff and thus probably not finishable, or is it something else?

  2. I replied to this already, and I am not sure what happened that it didn’t show up. So my apologies if that one eventually appears and this ends up being a repeat comment.

    Anyway, the short answer is that it’s because Kate promised.

    I have always loved Bonita/Stella, from the time that she could stand, but I just couldn’t take a puppy right now. Kate didn’t want to keep a fluff because of the trouble involved with grooming one to be shown (she’s not a freak like me and doesn’t get a kick out of extensive grooming). So Stella was promised as a pet weeks ago.

    Now that she’s the show pick, we’re both laughing more than a little ruefully as we look at her, but we both think that her new owner is absolutely great. So we’re happy to have her go to Susan and we’re hoping there may still be a way that she can contribute. Whatever happens, she has a great future.

  3. Where they thought the best puppy yesterday was Stella they thought Dexter was number one today.

    I need to do some thinking. I probably will keep Hermione, I don’t mind growing her out one bit.

    It’s difficult when you have so much information dumped on you and people telling you different things to do, and I find myself flip-flopping all over. Ugh.

  4. So, with extensive grooming, you could probably finish a fluff if he or she had all the other qualities necessary?

    I understand promising, and a good home is always the most important thing.

    (Er, and now this one may be double posted. Hrm.)

  5. Depending on the style of the hair (some fluffs are more like Border Collies, some more like Aussies – the ones that have a ton of curls and undercoat are going to be harder to groom than ones with correct coat that’s just too long), yes, you can absolutely just groom a fluff and finish it. You’re not “supposed” to, but it’s done all the time. Personally, I don’t care – I’m not in love with the show world, so if I kept a fluff because he or she was the best puppy I’d probably just be happy that I didn’t have to show this one. But I don’t mind if other people do it; coat or color is the LAST thing I would ever worry about as a sign of the quality of the dog. If my correct-coated dog can’t beat your groomed fluff, it’s my fault, not yours. I should go home and breed a better-constructed dog, not complain.

  6. I am going to be Pedey’s (Corin) new owner. My family is going to get him this weekend. I have been following all of the blogs about the puppies and find it all interesting. Just by looking at them, and their parents, I think they are all beautiful.
    My boys (Jack, 10 Jacob, 8) are counting down the days until this weekend.
    I am anxiously awaiting to hear an update from Kate’s blog also. Curious to everyone’s thoughts this weekend.

  7. … but she could be bred to a fluff-free boy and make lovely pups?

    And I don’t care what anyone says: Ella (who will soon be called Maizey) is #1! 😀

    • Maizey is a SWEET name. You’ve probably read my comments but my rough collie baby BELLA is a blue and they both have the same black eye patch and one blue one brown eye… they are the herding twins 😉

  8. Hi, Stacy! I think we’re going to be able to meet you next weekend – I’m looking forward to it. And I know my husband is glad another Sox fan is going to be there!

    Corin/Pedey hasn’t been thoroughly evaluated for show because he’s a fluff – we wouldn’t be screeching so much about Stella except that it turns out that she’s show-potential under that hair. I’ve heard that everybody thinks he’s just cute, cute, cute; gorgeous face.

    I’ve heard from Kate, and I can see it on her blog, that he’s just a little short in body for a show-quality Cardi. But, honestly, it’s not a difference that anybody is going to care about and he’s still going to be the longest dog you’ve ever seen :D. His personality and temperament are just FABULOUS – he’s been running around kissing everyone he can get his little nose on.

  9. Erika – yes, she could be bred to a fluff-free boy. It’s just like Collies; the non-fluff (“smooth”) are recessive to the fluff (“rough”).

    But we’re trying not to put that much pressure on Susan yet… in about a year I hope to be able to really check her out as an adult and then we’ll start the campaign ;).

    • Remind me to never post comments from my iPhone. The rough (fluff) is recessive to smooth. So a smooth can be a rough carrier. The rough/fluff carriers are often bigger-coated than the non-carriers, though that is by no means a hard-and-fast rule.

    • We’re going to drop off the big kids in Vermont first, so we leave here (MA) on Thursday, get to VT that night, leave VT for NY on Friday, get there that night, spend Saturday with Kate and puppies, load up an obscene number of dogs and leave NY for VT Sunday morning, get back to MA on Monday. It hurts my driving foot just to think about it!

  10. Thanks for the post. Today in the car, Jake said ONE MORE WEEK TIL PEDEY COMES HOME. He and Jack get on Kate’s website and look at all the pictures. We just want a nice, family dog that will keep up with us. 🙂 He will have tons of kids and other dogs to play with, and be a fixture at the baseball/soccer fields.
    Looking forward to meeting all of you!

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