Dremeling nails


This is one of the tasks that we like least around here, but it has to happen. Every week. Honour’s learning to do it with Ginny, and is doing a wonderful job. When you consider the fact that Ginny used to panic and bite anyone who even touched one of her back feet, this is an amazing picture. 

We use a Dremel Stylus, which I LOVE. I heard that they were recently discontinued – if you can find one, get it.


3 thoughts on “Dremeling nails

  1. (Waves frantically at Julie)

    Yeah, and the phone takes photos that are all faded. Her hair is kind of amazing.

    Tabitha’s is a shade darker red and is curly; it’s half-way to her waist now but it curls up almost to her shoulders. I’ve had people sprint across Target to look at her hair.

    Sigh… the tragedy of beautiful children :).

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