Dang it! Ginny has Lyme.

Bringing my infection rate to one hundred percent.

She’s showing no symptoms and there shouldn’t be any issue. A good course of doxy and she’ll be fine. It’s just very frustrating because no matter how careful I am, how strictly I groom, how much Frontline I slosh on them, the deer ticks (which are ALL infected around here) are somehow able to withstand it. And all it takes is one tick.

I am thinking of really antagonizing the neighbors and getting a few guinea hens for the dog pen. I don’t know what else to do – I refuse to put Sevin on the lawn, not with puppies and toddlers out there.


5 thoughts on “Dang it! Ginny has Lyme.

  1. Ick 😦 That’s one thing I like about here, not many bugs! Even going out hiking, the only time we’ve come back with ticks, was 3 hours SE of here, hiking in the dessert. All I do to prevent buggies, is an essential oil spray, to help repel them.

    I’m knocking on wood it doesn’t get worse, and sending “Take your medicine like a good girl” vibes to pretty Miss Ginny!

  2. bummer about Ginny! Tell us more about hte guinea hens tho, I’m always eager to learn earth-friendly pest eradication methods. And I *like* guinea hens much better than regular chickens, so why would they antagonize neighbors?

  3. oh, PS: when will you do another open thread/reader mailbag? I’ve got a long list of questions for you again.

  4. Oh major bummer! Can I ask how you found out? I’ve been debating about titre testing my pups just since I pull so many dang ticks off of them every day. No one has symptoms and I do use Frontline, but I know it’s just a matter of time. Granted Lymes is fairly rare in NC, there are a whole host of other TBDs here….ick.

  5. Brummit had that as well didnt he?

    I cant believe today is his Birthday 🙂

    If you can give him a big hug and a smooch for me. I would love to hear how he is doing.

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