Hey, didn’t you guys have a cat?


This is a dog-heavy blog, and that’s not likely to change, but a year and a half ago we adopted a purebred Persian boy from a very nice woman who was moving overseas and couldn’t bring him with her. He doesn’t get featured very much, so I thought I’d give him a chance. 

His name is Woody, and he is a weirdo. We love him, but he has LOTS of crazy issues.

He grows hair typical of a show-bred Persian, but he HATES HATES HATES to be groomed. It makes him sulk and whine for hours. So he is kept clipped short so he is never matted – you can see the state of his legs, which is deeply shaming to me, but it stresses him so much that I keep it mat-free but don’t even attempt to do daily combing. 

His eyes need to be cleaned every day – this pic was taken before he was cleaned. He gets scrubbed gently with cotton balls and contact lens solution, and the next day they’re right back to crusty. But we do manage to keep him from staining that way. He’s really quite beautiful when he’s all cleaned.

He also doesn’t like anything that moves fast, so he stays on our bed all day. Once the kids go to bed, he comes into the living room and rolls, and rolls, and purrs, and leaps from surface to surface and dances on his hind legs. Nobody but me sees it, so our entire family thinks he’s a lump. I think he is a ballerina. Ballerino. Whatever. 

Woody was lost during the fire – by lost I mean misplaced, thank God, not killed. We found him two days later, black with soot, in his old cat tree. I have never been so happy to see a ballerino in my life.


5 thoughts on “Hey, didn’t you guys have a cat?

  1. okay good, I’m not totally crazy! I thought you’d said you had a cat (that one really funny post where you quoted Doug ranting about the animals not listening to him, and he gave them all hilarious bad names), but you hadn’t mentioned the cat in forever so I wasn’t sure if I should ask again.

    Oh Joanna, who clips your cat’s coat? Do you do it or do you have someone else do it? How long is it when it’s freshly done? My cat’s fur is so long and mats so easily… and even tho we keep the A/C on, I know she gets hot these days. I want to clip her too but am not sure if I should try to do it myself (she’s pretty mellow) or how short I should go so I don’t ruin her coat. She’s such a pretty fluffball.

    Another thing: hairballs. Do you have a good treatment for hairballs or is it a non-issue for you? Because it’s a struggle for us here; constipation has been a serious problem. I tried adding salmon oil to her food and she won’t eat it. Help?

    Woody’s a handsome boy. Maybe you could get him on video and show your family and us how he dances. 🙂 What does Clue do when he dances, does she try to imitate or just watch & smirk?

  2. I clip him myself. If you want a recommendation, the Wahl Bravura is what I owned and it works very well. Cat hair is VERY difficult to deal with and ruins clippers and blades faster than you’d believe. So you need to make sure you get blade wash too, and go slow and keep the skin taut. If your cat won’t lie still, it’s a two-person job so that the clipping person can be holding/stretching the skin. I’ve gone as close as the #9 blade but I usually try to use one of the combs so he looks more like a short-haired cat and less like an alien.

    His current groom is with scissors, because my Bravura went to heaven in the fire. It is very ugly up close but I was rather pleased with myself when I was done because I got him short but not too short. I didn’t do his legs because they were not matted at that point – he will need to be done again in another month or so and I will need to do the legs then.

    I’ve always used the malt petroleum jelly stuff for hairballs – I don’t get many with him because I keep him so short and because he is not a great self-groomer (no nose).

    He is a handsome guy :). I will try to take dancing pics of him next time I catch him doing it!

  3. THANK YOU!!! I did want a recc for a good clipper to use on cat hair. And thank you for the tip about keeping her skin taut, I think that means it’ll be a 2-person job at first, until I know what I’m doing. The good news is she’s not one of those cats who runs to the other side of the house when the vaccuum cleaner or hair dryer are on, so she hopefully won’t freak out with the clipper. I’m also hoping that keeping her coat short will prevent her from developing a neurotic licking habit…

    I’m so glad Woody made it through the fire and was found! I think maybe one of these days you could write some informative posts on (1) the best way to address a missing pet, and (2) advice on coping with the loss of a beloved animal.

  4. Yay for Woody being lost but then found! What happened with the other kitty? I can’t remember her name, but if I recall she was a touch grouchy?

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