Coat supplement recipe

I had a couple of questions about helping a dry coat bloom from within, so I wanted to write down what I do. This is my own personal recipe and isn’t vet-tested or anything like that, but it’s very innocuous and I’ve fed it to a ton of dogs and it’s worked beautifully for all of them.

I usually make up a batch before we kick into the show season, so the dogs have a really hard shine on the coats despite all the bathing I do. 

The base of the recipe is the old “Grow Hair on a Doorknob” formula, but I add stuff to it. I make it slightly differently each time, depending on what oils I find in my cupboard or at the supermarket (for example, I may add some gourmet leftovers if I cooked with walnut oil or avocado oil or something), but the dry ingredients are always the same and the below is very representative of what I make.

1 pound Mirra-Coat (horse supplement)

1 pound Nature’s Logic food supplement (you can also use Missing Link, but I think the NL is a better formula)

1 pound full-fat peanut butter

1 pound ground flax (has to be ground, not whole)

8-12 oz salmon oil

1 jar extra-virgin coconut oil

1 pound honey (optional)

Enough extra-virgin olive oil to turn the whole thing into a disgusting cookie-batter-textured mess. 

Pick up in a spoon and form into roughly heaping-teaspoon size globs and freeze briefly on a cookie sheet, then put them in a gallon-size ziploc bag and keep frozen. I make probably 100 at a time, if not more, and each dog gets one or two a day right out of the freezer. You can see the shine coming in along the backbone and spreading down the sides; if I push it they’re even a little oily, which is what I want when I’m bathing them every night. You can cut back to one every other day if it’s working a little too well. 

All the fats are healthy and shouldn’t cause weight gain, not at the small doses you’re feeding. The Nature’s Logic packs a vitamin punch and has some dehydrated liver in there for flavor and nourishment. I feed this with a raw diet with no issues, and it should be compatible with kibble as well.


8 thoughts on “Coat supplement recipe

  1. Do you buy the Mirra-Coat online, or is it sold in farm stores?

    Galaxy is so naked, I may try this! She loves satin balls, and this would mix in easily with those too, for weight gain supplement, plus coat.

  2. Our feed store has it – I don’t know how widely it’s carried.

    And yes, it probably would work with satin balls. Just make sure you’re giving enough that she’s getting about a teaspoon of the coat stuff with her satin ball goop.

    Keep me updated and let me know if it works :).

  3. This looks interesting. I will try it. Where do you get your salmon oil and/or will a general “fish oil” work about the same?

  4. I second the salmon oil question, so far we’ve only found it in 4oz bottles. 🙂

    And can you please file this under “dog health” & “dog diets”? That way I can find it easily if I lose it & need to look it up again. Thank you!!!

  5. I can’t find the Mirra-Coat where I live. Can I make this without it or do I need to substitute something else? Thanks!!!

  6. Sorry to be getting back to this so late!

    Bravo! carries salmon oil in a pump, as do many health food stores.

    If you can’t find Mirra-Coat, go for any horse coat supplement that is mostly vegetable/vegetable oil (not mineral oil). Some of them also have a bunch of other stuff and vitamins, which I don’t want to give a blanket recommendation to because you don’t want to unbalance something else and because the Nature’s Logic is already giving you a supplement/vitamin source. Mirra-Coat is pretty much just powdered soy oil and biotin; other brands are very similar.

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