Quick message for “that other board.”

On the growling puppy: She needs to return the puppy NOW. 

This is not because I think the puppy is bad; it’s because she clearly has no idea how to respond to this behavior and anyone telling her to do this or do that is almost certainly either going to get it wrong or get it right and she’ll apply it wrong.

Nobody on that site has seen the behavior. The puppy could be responding out of fear, out of pain, out of annoyance, out of lack of socialization, out of lack of bite inhibition, the puppy could be deaf, the puppy could be trying to be pushy or dominant. Each of those root causes has completely different corrective approaches and recommending what we THINK might be the right one would be colossally stupid.

I have every confidence that the puppy could do beautifully in a home if he’s just being bratty (what he’s doing would not phase me a bit; in fact I prefer bratty dogs), but I can’t tell any more than anyone else. Whatever he’s trying to communicate, he needs someone who can apply the correct method or methods as fast and easy as breathing. With this kind of issue timing is EVERYTHING, and if you even have to think hard about what you’re going to do next the opportunity is gone and the training will not only be useless, it’ll be harmful.

She clearly needs a puppy that is not going to be afraid, not going to be vocal, ever going to try any kind of crap. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it is a specific requirement and she needs to make that very clear to the breeder. If she takes the puppy back now, the breeder can still find a good placement for it and won’t have to do extensive rehabbing. If she lets this go another few months, even another few weeks, goodbye. The puppy will understand that behaving a certain way is extremely effective and he will use those behaviors as a first resort and not a last one. He’ll become a dog that must be placed extremely carefully. 

So, long story short: TAKE THE DOG BACK IMMEDIATELY.

3 thoughts on “Quick message for “that other board.”

  1. Glad you weighed in on this one, I’ve been following the heated discussion over there and wondering what your POV was. 🙂

  2. Regardless of the basis of the problem, many people have told her to take the puppy back, many people have said to find a better fit for the family, and the OP seems resistant to everything except alpha-rolling. Which will be fun when the dog is 70lbs.

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