Somewhat. Type.

This is my shoulder, arm, and a very heavy completely zonked-out Clue.

I’ve mentioned before that she likes to sleep curled around my neck like a stole, or on the back of the cushions with her head thrown over my shoulder, but I’ve never had my (stupid and low-quality, but oh well) camera phone within reach when she’s done it. 

This is pretty much how we spend every night – everyone else goes to bed and I stay up and work. Clue hangs out on the floor until everyone disappears, then hops up behind me to slowly paralyze my typing arm as her head becomes like a lead weight on my shoulder. 

However shall I stand it? Perhaps the fact that her cheek is within easy kissing range will make up for it. PERHAPS.


2 thoughts on “Somewhat. Type.

  1. awwwwww, so cute! I thought of you the other day when I met a Pembroke in Phoenix, it was so friendly and reminded me of the pictures you’d posted of Clue flirting with your visitors the other day.

    I love it when Ellie watches me to see if I’m settling into the loveseat (our spot), and runs over to snuggle and warm my feet. And the deep sigh that comes after her head is nestled over my ankles, just so. ::love::

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